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​A Peep Into The 7th Assembly Of Anambra State, By Ebuka Onyekwelu

​A Peep into the 7th Assembly of Anambra State, by Ebuka Onyekwelu

To my mind, the duty of a writer is to be fair in his assessment and firm in his reportage.

After we have take time to look at the outgoing members of Anambra State House of Assembly, just may be the time is right to talk about the incoming members because, the best tribute is the one written while one is still alive, so that he can possibly make changes, if need be.

Therefore, I will now look at the incoming members of the 7th Assembly; the first timers and returning members, that are known to me.
In all, only thirteen members of the 6th Assembly were returned. Hon. Obinna Emenaka, Hon.  Beverly Nkemdiche, Hon. Edward Ibuzo, Hon. Uche Okafor, Hon. Chuka Ezenwune, Hon. Timothy Ifedioranma, Hon. Nnamdi Okafor, Hon. Chidi Udemmadu, Hon. Lawrence Ezeudu, Hon. Pascal Agbodike, Hon. Somto Udeze, Hon. Pete Ibida and Hon. Onyebuchi Offor. A member of the 5th Assembly; Hon. Ebele Ejiofor, was also returned. Two out of the returned thirteen members of the 6th Assembly, will be serving their third term at the end of which they would have spent twelve years in the House of Assembly. In addition, Hon. Nonso Okafor and Hon. Johnbosco Akaegbobi, are the only first timers that we shall consider. The 7th Assembly will have just one woman out of thirty members, as against five women who served in the 6th Assembly.

Anambra House of Assembly Complex

Hon. Obinna Emenaka is a typical Nigerian politician, who initially came to “serve”. He is an intelligent man and vocal. He wants to express himself, he wants to really get the job done, but he is constrained and he simply reverts and plays by the rules. Hon. Obinna can be aggressive, even about his own opinion. 
Hon. Beverly Nkemdiche, good woman with large heart. If you really push her off the rails, you will get a full dose of a piece of her mind. She is warm, but she can loose her cool and she will talk.
Hon. Edward Ibuzo is a guy, like, a complete guy. He has a very strong character and not likely to bend because of his own personal gain. He has team spirit. But he is temperamental and will not mind engaging you physically, if you so wish. He is passionate, but again constrained by the murky waters of Nigerian politics, so sometimes he may not do what he really wants to do.
 Hon. Chuka Ezenwune, before he used to be very serious, like talking to no one. But after sometime, he started responding to greeting and being a bit friendly. Hon. Chuka can say anything that comes to his mind to you, without any consideration. He is vocal. One of those who people don’t even notice and he doesn’t seem to care, may be because he doesn’t want to share his “blessing” with anyone.
Hon. Nnamdi Okafor is a nice guy minding his business. If care is not taken, he can even critcize himself. He is zealous and eager. Sometimes, he doesn’t understand the political flow.
Hon. Uche Okafor is always bouncing. That fine boy with capital but spends only on “special occasions”, if he must. Very self conscious and vocal. But ever since he got wind of the politics of legislature and business of politics, he rarely even says his name at sittings. The saying that the more one knows, the less he talks, is true in his case. 
Hon. Timothy Ifedioranma, simple man. Always smiling. You are not likely to have major disagreement with him. He works round the clock. Never gets tired. He has a way of connecting with virtually all members. But he needs to work on his PR, seriously. Staff of the House and many others, know exactly what I mean.
Hon. Onyebuchi Offor is  someone you will remember and just laugh. One minute, he is laughing and gisting with you. The next moment, he is very serious and simply unwilling to even answer your greeting. He will just wave. Hon. Onyebuchi is a giver. Don’t beg him. Just mind your business. He will call you and dash you money. He is vocal and temperamental.
Hon. Chidi Udemmadu is a very calm guy. Stands up during plenary, makes his contribution and sits down. He will not likely take anything personally. He does not hide his story of struggles and little beginning, like many would do. Left alone, he would prefer not to even be noticed at all, maybe for the simple reason that he doesnt want to spend or just a combination of his calm personality and that.
Hon. Pete Ibida, he is a confirm big guy. Always wants it his way. Hon. Ibida likes to talk with high sounding words. Good guy. Appears rigid and likely not willing to negotiate his interest. 
Hon. Somto Udeze will always find his way around. He is a masterful Nigerian politician. He has his way around all his colleagues and also connects with people that he needs. He identifies his interest on time and starts working on it smoothly. 
Hon. Pascal Agbodike is a young energetic man. Sometimes, it appears he feels he has arrived. Even you will agree with him that it is not easy. He is not someone you can pocket, intimidate or mess with. Never. 
Hon. Lawrence Ezeudu is a sharp guy. You can hardly understand his moves. He is a good politician. He knows his craft. If you happen to have nothing to do with him, he will most likely not even take notice of you. 
Hon. Ebele Ejiofor in the 5th Assembly was always going about his business. Some say he had attitude. I can neither confirm nor dismiss this. At plenary, he made his own input if need be and otherwise, often goes unnoticed. But now, I am certain that his experience after office in 2015 must have shapped him in a way that the Hon. Ebele of the 7th Assembly, will be totally different with that of the 5th Assembly.
Hon. Nonso Okafor is one of the first timers of the 7th Assembly. He is focused and has willingness to pursue what he believes, even if it means joining issue with anyone. He is equally passionate. Well, I don’t know if the vagaries of politics will prove or bend him, or if he will later find a middle point or just play along. 
Hon. Johnbosco Akaegbobi  is a regular guy. Playful but firm. He expresses himself which suggests that he will be vocal. The more you take him seriously even while he is laughing, the better you may be. Being an opposition member, he may likely find his voice if he so wish. He is always composed. But again, the road is far and the path is new. Time will reveal all things.
As for the other forteen incoming first timers, I don’t really know much about them except perhaps their political party and maybe, first name. 
So there it is people. The die is cast for the 7th Assembly. What ever they make out of it, is totally their own, good or bad. 
May be at the end, it is really not about what people may say. But about if they have truly served, if they have given their best to their constituents and the great people of Anambra state.
Congratulations lady and gentlemen.

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