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​BREAKING: Nnewi Most Beautiful Girl; Queen Onyekaba, Unveils PET Project.

​BREAKING: Nnewi Most Beautiful Girl; Queen Onyekaba, Unveils PET Project.

…Champions revival of reading culture and advocates for books in our libraries

Report by Augustine Ike (KSJI)-Ikedoji

The mind blowing aspect of the PET Project is its clear diversion from convention cum contemporary exorbitant choice of modern Queens. Thus, the pet project is unrivaled, as it is uncommon.

The Most Beautiful Girl in Nnewi Queen Kosisochukwu Onyekaba of Ndiakwu Otolo, is the Shakespeare among the entire Queens ever produced in the history of Modern Pageantry in Nigeria and this innovative “Queen Shakespeare” must be supported by all well meaning Nigerians.

It was shocking when Queen Kosisochukwu Onyekaba in a dinner Organised to unveil her PET Project announced to the world that she will be focusing on ensuring that our libraries are equipped with enough books both ancient and modern, to add value to the academic life of the Nigerian child.

Most Beautiful Girl in Nnewi: Queen Kosisochukwu Onyekaba


According to Queen Kosisochukwu Onyekaba, my PET Project will be directed and clearly focused on Restoring the Reading Culture in Nigeria , which in recent times is quaked to the foundation; our secondary schools and higher institutions lack elementary exposure to the library”. The Shakespeare motivated Queen Kosisochukwu quickly added that “I will undertake this crusade under the mantra’BOOKS TO THE LIBRARY’ . I decided to embark on this project because the caveat that “if you want to hide anything from the black man, hide it inside the book ‘ is gradually appearing to be true. My reign as the Most Beautiful Girl in Nnewi is going to be a ‘scholastic reign’, and the fire of studying will definitely be rekindled in our academic institutions”.

Queen Kosisochukwu further enjoined us to support her in this crusade as the rate at which our Youths cling to social media while in school, is going to yield only one result; destruction of values or pollution of the minds of the pupils.

I wouldn’t like us to see this as impossible because even impossible itself knows it’s impossible to say things are impossible, Queen Kosisochukwu added.

I will be leaving you with an excerpt from Williams Shakespeare”our woes oh dear Brutus is not in our fate, but in our selves..”

Let’s take “Books to the Library” with Queen Kosisochukwu Onyekaba, for that is the only way we can correct the decay in our academic system.

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