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​Memories Of Anambra State 6th Assembly, By Ebuka Onyekwelu

​Memories of Anambra State 6th Assembly, by Ebuka Onyekwelu

Time indeed, flies. Looking at the current Anambra State House of Assembly, one is quickly reminded that its life spam will not exceed June 13, 2019. For well over three years now, the members have gone about their businesses in line with their powers as Anambra state lawmakers.

The 6th Assembly is significant in many ways. This is the first Assembly that lost a serving member to the cold hands of death in the person of Late Hon. Mmegbuanaeze; a peaceful gentleman, just about a week to the Governorship election of 2017. As if that was not enough, the Assembly also lost a second member; Late Hon. Patrick Aniuno, the very energetic and lively paddy, just about a week to the 2019 General Election. 

Anambra State House of Assembly Complex

In any case, although in many ways, the 6th Assembly appears far more troubled, it also has its own up times and really very funny times.
Rt. Hon. Rita Maduagwu, the Speaker of the 6th Assembly will be remembered as a cat with nine lives. Several attempts to relieve her of her duty, failed. Even when the House successfully impeached her, it still later failed. Obviously, she does not enjoy the support and allegiance of her colleagues. The last attempt at her impeachment which also saw parliamentary staff members jubilating, clearly suggests she is not also liked by the staff members. Well, she will soon complete her two terms of eight years, of which she served as Speaker for four years. When you put your ears to the ground, she will be remembered in two ways; For her colleagues, she is just a selfish and maybe incompetent leader. But for staff of the Assembly, she is mean and stingy. I cannot confirm any of this to be true because they may just be mere perceptions.
The Deputy Speaker; Rt. Hon. Hayford Oseke, a jolly man. He will be remebered for the way he attacks his speech on the floor of the House. He plays safe alot and well, he is your regular guy any day. 
Hon. Ikem Uzoezie has this air of arrogance and force. Knowledgeable and understands the business of the House. He is descreet and many say he is the Speaker the 6th Assembly never had. 
Hon. Amala Anazodo popularly called the godfather of the 6th Assembly, is a man whose journey is mixed with grace. A great listener, but not a good talker. If you are lucky, he will just look at you and say “how na” with the usual smile and wave. If not, he will smile and wave while he keeps going. Although he talks very little but he is a rallying point of the 6th Assembly. He inspires leadership. Almost everyone, both colleagues and staff of the Assembly, has gotten something from him. He is unrivalled in the act of giving, in the 6th Assembly. Hon. Amala is also a good party man.
Hon. Nikky Ugochukwu is your normal classy babe. She has no stress. Just doing her thing. One time, someone from her constituency met me for job, I gave him her contact. Hon. Nikky has never before then, met the guy. But she assisted him and secured the government job. 
Hon. Kingsley Iruba is a gentleman. Smart and focused. One of those that has something to say each time he stands to talk during plenary. 
Hon. Chugbo Enwezor is the intellectual power of the 6th Assembly. His arguments are robust and unrivalled. He is happy and good in his own space. Brilliant lawyer. Excellent lawmaker. He will certainly make a good lecturer.
Hon. Victor Okoye; the Majority Leader, will be remembered for his strong presence. He will be remembered for always looking straight focusing on his destination and thereby may not answer your greeting or even talk to you for anything. Most likely, he doesnt even notice people.
Hon. Boniface Okonkwo, Owelle, always in a haste. Not much can be said of him. He often goes unnoticed.
Hon. Vivian Okadigbo has this air of stubbornness. I dont know if its good or bad, but she is that babe that will likely question everything including your own name. She minds her business though.
Hon. Azubike Okoye is that big boy, you are smelling the good life, but never feel it. Odenigbo likes himself. Maybe just himself. Thats all. Hon. Azubike and Hon. Amala Anazodo are the two best dressed members of the 6th Assembly. The two are always clean. But I think Hon. Amala wears better shoes. Anyway, Hon. Zubby is a stressfree person, just that he lacks the grace to add oil to your white yam.
Hon. Ikechukwu Ume is a jolly man. Ik Russia is a good man, his boys are happy and speak good of him. This is rare. Although he lacks oral prowess, he goes about his normal business living his good life. 
Hon. Charles Ezeani is a regular guy. He is active on the floor and always has something to say. But he is often absent, may be because of his prolonged court case. He will often stop and felicitate with people. 
Hon. Benson Nwawulu has just one thing to tell you. You call him “Hon” before you say anything else, he will respond “God bless you”. You greet him good morning, he responds “God bless you”. He is one of the longest serving members in the 6th Assembly. People will definitely miss his unending “God bless you”.
Hon. Romanus Obi is a business minded member. He pays less attention to his physical appearance. He has to his name quality bills though. The best way to describe him is “I don’t care”. Greet him or not, he doesn’t care. I think he is a bit harsh too.
Hon. Nkoli Mmegbuanaeze, she came in after the sudden demise of her husband. She is a strong woman and doing better than an accidental political leader. Her performance and ability to key in, is well above average. 
In about three months, all these members above, representing different constituencies, will cease to be members of the House of Assembly. Many of them served for more than one or two terms. While others served for just one term. At the end of the day, its all about leaving a mark. What will you be remembered for? You need to ask that question to yourself, often.
Well, they dont all have to be good. They dont all have to be rich. But they have all left a mark, good or bad.
Note: all members discussed above are members of the 6th Assembly who are not returning.
I wish them all a very good and fulfilling life in their future endeavours.

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