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​Why Hon. Chidi Udemmadu Is Most Suitable To Be Anambra 7th Assembly Speaker, By Ebuka Onyekwelu

​Why Hon. Chidi Udemmadu is Most Suitable to be Anambra 7th Assembly Speaker, by Ebuka Onyekwelu

The speakership of Anambra State House of Assembly will be retained in Anambra South, in keeping with the existing power rotation formular in Anambra state. As it is now, the Governor is from Anambra North, the Deputy Governor from Anambra Central. It is conventional, based on understanding, that the Speaker of the Anambra State House of Assembly comes from Anambra South. This was the pattern in the fast fading 6th Assembly, in which Hon. Rita emerged Speaker of the 6th Assembly, but fortunately or otherwise, she was not returned in her third term bid.

As of now, it is only Hon. Pascal Agbodike and Hon. Barr. Chidi Udemmadu, both from Ihiala Local Government Area, that were returned from Anambra South zone. And going by the power rotation formular, one of them must become Speaker of the 7th Assembly. So the question now is, between Hon. Udemmadu and Hon. Agbodike, who is most suitable to become the speaker and why? Who has the right temperament and maturity to become the Speaker of the 7th Assembly? Who between the duo has the humility, humanity and leadership endowment to lead the 7th Assembly? 

Hon. Chidi Udemmadu, representing Ihiala Constituency 1

In terms of education, both Hon. Udemmadu and Hon. Agbodike are qualified. Hon. Agbodike holds a PhD, while Hon. Udemmadu has a degree in law from Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma. Both were active students’ leaders in their days as undergraduates, as well. However, in the business of lawmaking, Hon. Udemmadu being a lawyer, stands a better chance of making a better Speaker given that the business of lawmaking is more closely connected to the job of a lawyer to interpret the law.
In terms of experience, Hon. Udemmadu and Hon. Agbodike have served only one term of 4 complete years successfully and returned elected. 
I have had a one on one with both Hon. Udemmadu and Hon. Agbodike. Both are good lawmakers and young as well. But Hon. Udemmadu is a very humble man who has not lost touch of his humble beginnings. A man who inspires leadership by his own story. He has also repeatedly depicted maturity and he is someone who can easily influence members because of his cordial relationship with all of them. Hon. Udemmadu is therefore most suitable, in the very ultimate interest of a peaceful as well as vibrant House of Assembly, that will be willing to work with the executive arm, in the best interest of Anambra State.
It is my considered view that Hon. Chidi Udemmadu, has the personality, right temperament, experience and interpersonal relationship with House members, which are required to make a great Speaker of the 7th Assembly.

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