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Anambra Digital Entrepreneurship Office Sets Up E-Channel For COVID-19

Anambra Digital Entrepreneurship Office Sets up E-Channel for COVID-19

The E-channel focuses on Verified Updates, Emergency Alert Services & Feedback

In a release by the Director of the Anambra state Digital  Entrepreneurship Office; Engr. Ifeanyi Aniagoh, the DEO provided phone numbers, as well as social media channels through which any case or suspected case of covid-19 can be reported to the office which has already established links, with the state covid-19 team that was set up by the governor of Anambra state; Willie Obiano.

“A major key to staying safe in this difficult period is having access to verified information and emergency alert services:, Mr. Aniagoh has said. Going further, he noted that they have opened dedicated E-channels to put covid-19 on check as well bring verified information to Anambra public.

In his words, “In view of that, we have provided dedicated online accounts to assist in passing verified information to ndi Anambra and beyond as well as assist in aggregating feedback cum emergency alerts for prompt actions from the relevant authorities”.

The online channels are:

Facebook –

Twitter –

Instagram –

Click any of the links above to get the latest updates and verified information

Aniagoh also went on to state clearly what precisely Anambra residents expect to get from the e-channels.

Through these channels you can:

1. Access basic Emergency Alert Services

2. Get latest updates on #COVID19Anambra and all efforts of Anambra State Government to protect ndi Anambra

3. Get latest messages from Anambra Action Committee on COVID19

4. Get latest messages from Nigeria Centre for Disease Control

5. Get latest messages from World Health Organization

6. Get verified updates on COVID19

7. Share important information on COVID-19 using the Hashtag #COVID19Anambra

Right NOW there’s no Coronavirus in Anambra State but be in the know Now.

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We have a team of dedicated staff that are working 24 hours to bring these services to you… Thanks to the #ObianoInUs!

Stay Safe… #StayHome2StayAlive!


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