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Anambra On Track As Governor Obiano Consolidates Gains On Security

Anambra on Track as Governor Obiano Consolidates Gains on Security

“Event unprecedented”- Hon. Amala Anazodo
By Ebuka Onyekwelu
Anambra, the heartland of Southeast Nigeria, known as the safest state in Nigeria for a few years now and counting, today witnessed a renewal of the pact between the people and the government, as Governor Obiano flags off the second phase of Operation Kpochapu.
The first phase which elevated Anambra to the enviable spot as the most secure state in Nigeria, has to be renewed following the lose of momentum characterized by tales of dispossesion and other minor incidences of threat to security in parts of Anambra State, especially in Onitsha. 

Governor Obiano and Police IG, at today’s event in Awka

Today’s event is important and significant in that with this, Governor Obiano has shown that his government prioritizes the security of lives and properties of Anambra residents above anything else. In truth, any serious government must prioritize the safety of lives and properties of the citizenry. 
The second phase of Operation Kpochapu is aimed at improving security and safety in Anambra through modern security measures with enhanced technology and security gadgets. 

One of the security vehicles with installed security gadget

With this, it is not in doubt that Anambra state will retain its remarkable spot as the safest state in Nigeria, in the best interest of Anambra state residents. 

It is on this note that Governor Obiano’s efforts at ensuring that Anambra residents sleep with two eyes closed, and are not terrorized by criminals, is worthy of highest commendation.
Reacting, the Special Adviser to Governor Obiano on National and State Assembly Matters; Hon. Amala Anazodo, has described the event as “unprecedented”. Speaking briefly to the press after the event, Hon. Anazodo said, “I have never witnessed anything like this before, even in the over thirty years I lived in the United States of America. We do not have an emergency security situation in Anambra, yet, the Governor is not resting on the gains we have made on security. This is what it means to be proactive. I have not seen this level of dedication by government, to the safety and wellness of residents. You will agree that this awareness and empowerment of security agents, will have multiplying impact on protection of lives and properties of Anambra residents and visitors. I congratulate His Excellency, profoundly for this effort at consolidating security of lives and properties in Anambra state”.

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