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Anglican Bishop Of Nnewi Diocese On Pastoral Visit To Lagos, Highlights Diocesan Activities

Anglican Bishop of Nnewi Diocese on Pastoral Visit to Lagos, Highlights Diocesan Activities

Diocese of Nnewi (Anglican Communion)
Bishop’s Pastoral Visit to Lagos State (Nnewi Diocese Lagos Branch)
We give God all the glory that we have finally made it to Lagos. This pastoral visit was initially scheduled to hold on Sunday, April 19, 2020; but it was postponed because of the global pandemic and official lockdown. Many among the members of the Diocese in Lagos have planned, mobilized and eagerly waited for this unique visit; and we commend them for the whole arrangements and logistics.  There is no doubt that we have done much since we took the mantle of leadership in the Diocese of Nnewi. Uruagu Synod 2020 Presidential Address popularly called the Bishop’s Charge has more details of our previous achievements. Meanwhile, this piece is like a summary of some selected activities.  Here, we intend to show you highlights of our activities so far in the Diocese of Nnewi.
VOCATIONAL AND TECHNICAL INSTITUTE: Pentecost Vocational and Technical Institute is our newest project in the Diocese. The Institute is located at the permanent site of the proposed Pentecost University. The Institute began this January 2021. The institute is there to provide a formidable platform to equip our teaming youths with employable skills and reduce the number of jobless people in our society.
DIOCESAN HOSPITAL: We are rebranding the Nnewi Diocesan hospital, Akwudo, Otolo, Nnewi. A lot of changes have taken place since we came on board. The hospital compound or environment is wearing a new look. There is a new board. There is a new hospital Administrator. There is a drug revolving funds project that is yielding practical results at the hospital. The mortuary has been refurbished. The hospital services are increasing on a daily basis. The staff is up and doing since the new board came onboard.
DIOCESAN LAND AT IHITE, OKIJA: The Diocesan land at Ihite, Okija has been fully developed. It was fenced in the year 2020. Structures have been erected to serve the Diocesan farm – DONAC Farms recently established there. We are doing everything worthy of commendation to reclaim and maximize the land at Ihite, Okija.
DIOCESAN FARM: ADON Ventures, Ozubulu, is now functioning at a full capacity as a modern farm. We released a huge amount into the farm project to enable us to meet up with the present demands and global standard. Many segments or sections of the Farm have been revived. They are now being managed by reliable hands. Presently, we have a Clergyman as the Farm Manager. The new board has added new life to the project.
DIOCESAN CATHEDRAL:  A successful land negotiation at Uruagu, Nnewi which cost the Diocese a huge sum of naira led to the construction of a bypass road at the Cathedral Church of Saint Mary, Nnewi. We are glad that we have secured the Cathedral premises now. We can now structure or restructure the Cathedral compound to suit our expectation. Refuse dump opposite the Cathedral is no more because we refused to allow it. We fought assiduously for it and succeeded. Very soon there will be a radical transformation of the Cathedral.
ANNUAL ASSESSMENT: The financial contributions of churches to the Central Office of the Diocese was reviewed and reduced drastically to enable the stations consolidate and think more of development around them, as well as build a strong Christian faith among members. For instance, there is a Church which previously paid 14 million naira. Today, they are paying only 3 million naira.
INAUGURATION OF ANGLICAN COMMUNITIES: We have consolidated the Anglican presence in all the communities within the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Nnewi (Anglican Communion) within the space of one in the new administration. We mobilized the appointment of Coordinators and election of Executive members of the Anglican Communities. The Anglican Communities were inaugurated by the Bishop to be a platform to reach out to everyone in the community. We hereby encourage everyone to identify themselves with their communities. Join their activities. Encourage activities of the Anglican Communities that are going on in your place.
BISHOP’S DAILY MINISTRATIONS: The Bishop’s sermon every morning from 6:00am to 6:45am at the Chapel of Grace, Bishopscourt, Nnewi, is being broadcasted through various social media platforms. There are many viewers and followers who have benefited from the messages. I encourage you to join others to enrich your heart with the Word of God every day. Anyone interested in viewing or listening to our sermons can simply connect to the sermon through Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, etc. We made enough copies of the messages available at the Bishopscourt, Nnewi, for interested individuals.
DIOCESAN SECURITY OUTFIT: Our Diocese now has a DONAC Security Service. We train, employ, and post Security personnel. DONAC Security officers are serving in our churches. We intend to gradually develop a stronger Security outfit.
NIGERIAN POLICE CHAPLAINCY: In line with our vision to impact every aspect of community, we have started fellowship in most of the Police Stations domiciled within the jurisdiction of our Diocese.
PRISONS’ MINISTRY: We have continued to pay attention to the Nnewi Prisons. Sunday services and other church activities are steady at the Nnewi Prisons which is now called Correctional Centre. We are making arrangements to build a Chapel within the Prisons premises.
MISSION SUPPORT: Periodically, we support members of our Diocese who are serving in Missionary Dioceses. We do this to help them concentrate in serving the Lord.
RETIRED CHURCH WORKERS, WIDOWS AND WIDOWERS: In line with our Diocesan Welfare Scheme recently released, we give financial support to our retired Church Workers, widows and widowers.

Bishop Ndubuisi Obi Ministering during the pastoral visit

WOMEN’S MINISTRY: Women’s Ministry, Diocese of Nnewi (Anglican Communion) under the leadership of Mrs. Ukamaka Obi, are doing great things. The Women’s Ministry recently renovated their hostel at Nsugbe. We expect that as soon as the academic activities commences at Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe, students will return to their hostels. Of course, many have shown commitment to that effect. It is good to remark that the newly acquired land at Nnewi by the Women’s Ministry, is big enough to serve as a residential building as well as a business centre. The building plans are intact. The Bishop’s wife introduced a monthly programme for awaiting mothers. Twice in a year, she holds special retreats for ladies yet to get married. Presently, there are training manuals, follow-up and Bible study materials prepared and printed for preparatory classes before admissions into Mothers’ Union, Women’s Guild and Unique Ladies and Girls’ Fellowship. Of course, Girls’ Guild has been rebranded to suit the immediate needs. Their new name is Unique Ladies and Girls’ Fellowship. The Constitution of the Women’s Ministry, Diocese of Nnewi (Anglican Communion) was recently reviewed and hard copies printed for easy reference. The President of the Women’s Ministry facilitated the election of new Officers of the Women’s Ministry from the Diocesan level to the grassroots, and equally established Home and Abroad Meetings in the Diocese of Nnewi. There are many activities being carried out by the Women’s Ministry. We may not have enough space here to enumerate all their activities.
The truth is that many people are witnessing the move of God in the Diocese of Nnewi this time. Lives are being impacted. Restructuring, development, progress and advancement are very obvious.
Thanks and remain blessed.
Yours in Christ,
Bishop, Diocese of Nnewi

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