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‘Anybody Is Free To Contest For Anything’ – Sir Nobert Obi, APGA Chairman

‘Anybody is Free to Contest for Anything’ – Sir Nobert Obi, APGA Chairman

‘Anybody is Free to Contest for Anything’ – Sir Nobert Obi, APGA Chairman


News Report by Ebuka Onyekwelu


Ahead of the 2023 General Election, there have been a lot of intrigues and rumours concerning those running for different elective positions in APGA, in Anambra State. In consequence, the polity is already charged in many quarters, even as more people openly or secretly declare their interest for one elective position or another. This has also heightened competitiveness, triggering reactions from diverse interest groups.

There are however, questions by some interested parties as to the propriety of some aspirants in APGA, to run for the position they want to run for which some people consider rather too high for them. With only a few months to the primary election which will determine who represents the party in the General Election for all elective positions, the leadership of APGA in Anambra State has assured aspirants that their aspirations are valid.

In an exclusive interview with Ebuka Onyekwelu, the Chairman of APGA in Anambra State, Sir. Nobert Obi, said that aspirants who intend to contest for any position in the party are free to contest. According to the Chairman, any report that poses to dissuade or distance APGA from the aspiration of any of its members is untrue. ‘In fact, there is nothing like that. Anybody is free to contest for anything’, Sir Obi said emphatically. Speaking further, he insisted that the party leadership at any level has not discouraged, and will not discourage any member of the party from contesting any elective position he or she deems fit and are qualified to contest.

APGA like other serious political parties in Anambra State is expected to parade some of the strongest aspirants jostling for elective public offices. In the coming days and weeks, it is expected that more people will declare their interest to run for office and that will naturally leave the stake higher for less prepared or less serious aspirants, whose aspiration must give way for stronger and more prepared aspirants in keeping with the laws of power acquisition; even as some wrangle in rhetoric, as expected of less serious aspirants in political contests.

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