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APGA Leaders In Anaocha Local Government Receives Uzuegbuna Okagbue, Says He Is A True Party Man

APGA Leaders in Anaocha Local Government Receives Uzuegbuna Okagbue, Says he is a true Party man

APGA Leaders in Anaocha Local Government Receives Uzuegbuna Okagbue, Says he is a true Party man



The leadership of APGA in the nineteen wards of Anaocha local government today received cutting edge APGA aspirant for Anambra Central senate, Uzuegbuna Okagbue. The meeting which held within the premises of Anaocha local government area in Neni was attended by all twenty-one exco members of the nineteen wards in the local government.

In his opening remarks, the local government chairman of APGA, Barr. Ayo Obiadi said that the man who has visited has a name and he is known to them. “The man before us has a surname. I am especially happy because he called me and said he wants to see party people and talk to them”, Barr. Obiadi said. Meanwhile, earlier, Chief Ezeude in his opening prayer noted that Anaocha is a land of purity and that what the aspirant has come to seek will be granted to him.



In his brief but remarkable speech, Uzuegbuna Okagbue said he asked to see Anaocha local government APGA leaders because he wants to inform them that he is running for senate to represent Anambra Central in the 10th senate. “I am running for senate and I have come to seek your support. If you support me, then, I will go. If after careful consideration of myself and my two other brothers who are also running the election, the person you support will go”. Uzu’s message signals a fundamental departure from the regular political message often delivered in rancor and bitterness against opponents, and it was well received by the people, in admiration.

Responding to the speech, the local government party chairman said that he must tell the people that Uzu is a good party man and has been working hard for the party. “The truth is that among the three people contesting this election, Uzu has been working hard for the party even when he was with Governor Obiano. Some of the benefits that came to the party, he made it possible. He made sure the party was well treated. He has been working for us, I must tell you the truth”, the chairman concluded.

Prayer requested by Uzu Okagbue for his journey to the senate, was offered by Mrs. Ngozi Obiekwe, the local government woman leader of APGA in Anaocha.



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