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Arigo Technologies Opens Innovation And Incubation Hub In Lagos

Arigo Technologies Opens Innovation and Incubation Hub in Lagos

Just a fews months after the latest addition to Nigeria’s e-commerce and Tech industry; Arigo, was lauched into the rapidly growing Nigeria tech market during which Arigo announced the opening of an innovation and incubation hub, Arigo has now opened ArigoHUB in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria.
The e-commerce platform; which was launched about three months ago, has been up for business, an online market places brining sellers and buyers together, for business purposes.

Speaking to news men over this weekend, the Managing Director of Arigo Technologies noted with excitment the cardinal focus of the hub which includes; identifying tech talents, incubating same and empowering tech innovators for the sole purpose of solving problems and meeting needs. In his words,  “we will identify, incubate, empower and build the next generation of tech entrepreneurs that will build the future of Africa”. Speaking further he remarked that the future of Africa can only be “positively altered” through the use of technology to “empower and strengthen our economies. Technology will address the two major challenges facing Africa; poverty and bad governance, because it will empower our people economically and also drive openness in governance”, he said.

ArigoHUB is dedicated to driving Research and Development. It is also focusing on software development that will solve business, academic, religious, medical and political needs especially tailored to solve Africa’s biggest problems.
Speaking on the future of Arigo, the MD said, “Our plan is huge and vast and we are dedicated to implement our plans in details. A major focus is to build talents that will change the face of the African continent”.
Highlighting the focus of Arigo, the MD noted that “at Arigo, our aim is to provide training, support and co-working space for entrepreneurs and start-ups interested in using tech innovations to push the frontiers of development of  Nigeria and Africa at large”. 

ArigoHUB is designed to proffer solutions leveraging on tech innovations, for social, economic and political problems across Africa. Situated in the heart of Lekki, Lagos Nigeria, Arigohub is by far one of the finest and first of its kind across Africa, with first class infrastructure and excellent work environment designed purposefully, to enhance perception and creativity. 

With the investment on ground, it won’t be long before most tech needs of African brands are made in Africa for Africa. There is 24hrs internet access and 24hrs power supply in the state of the art facility. These are specifically put in place to also assist start up techpreneurs.

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