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Beauty Queen Admonishes Nigerians To Stay Safe

Beauty Queen Admonishes Nigerians to Stay Safe

Beauty Queen Admonishes Nigerians to Stay Safe

Over the past few weeks, Nigeria has seen a sudden surge of confirmed coronavirus case from zero to one and from one to about 51 confirmed cases this morning. Notwithstanding, many Nigerians still do not believe that covid-19 is a reality. While some doubt the existence of the deadly virus in Nigeria, others say it cannot get to them because they believe in God. However, it is advised that people maintain serious personal hygiene and also social distancing to keep the spread of the virus in check.

Queen Marvelous Udoka


Miss Culture; Queen Marvelous Udoka, has put in words in her bid to ensure that people accept the fact that covid-19 is a deadly virus and that if they fail to follow prescribed medical caution, then, they endanger their own lives and that of others. In this regard, Queen Udoka has admonished that Nigerians should practice handwash often, use hand sanitizer, avoid handshake, maintain social distancing, eat well and sleep well, in order to stay healthy and win the battle over covid-19.

Queen Marvelous Udoka


In her words, Queen Udoka noted that “Nigerians must know that this is a serious matter. When we look at the way developed countries are battling the virus, then we can see that if it escalates, clearly, Nigeria has very slim chance of pulling through. Therefore it is advised that we take caution and ensure the virus is prevented from spreading”, she said.

Covid-19, has left several thousands of people dead around the world, and infected several hundred thousands of people. South Africa has recorded over 700 confirmed cases of infection and so the highest recorded for an African country.

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  1. It’s real o.
    Get acquainted with the WHO recommended safety rules and comply with them.
    If possible stay indoors.
    Wash your hands often under running water.
    Use your hand sanitizer up to the elbows.
    Wear face mask, longsleeve and hand gloves if you must go out.
    Cover your head too.
    Ladies drop your jewellery for now. The virus lives longer on metals!
    Obedience is better than sacrifice.
    Let’s stay safe Nigeria while we pray and trust God to intervene InJesusName.
    Thank you Queen Marvellous !

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