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Beyond Zoning: The Governor Anambra Deserves In 2021

Beyond Zoning: The Governor Anambra Deserves in 2021

Beyond Zoning: The Governor Anambra Deserves in 2021

By Ebuka Onyekwelu

Right now, we have reached an appreciable level of consensus that the next governor of Anambra state will come from Anambra South senatorial zone. Good a thing, all the three senatorial zones in Anambra has 7 Local Governments each. In essence, no zone is in a disadvantage in terms of numbers. This is especially important considering that politics is a game of numbers.

Therefore, since it is settled to a high degree that the next governor of Anambra state will come from Anambra South, it is important that Anambra South presents its best of the best, across all political parties that will feature in the contest.
This is because, the next governor of Anambra state will play critical roles in advancing the frontiers of development in Anambra state. Very important is also the input of the incoming governor in the Igbo agenda, ahead of 2023. Essentially, whoever becomes Anambra governor will play critical part in achieving Igbo Presidency, or restructuring, in the best interest of Nigeria, Igbo economy as well as general well being. Therefore, it is a defining moment for Anambra come 2021 and Anambra South stakeholders must take caution and do what is absolutely needful, to ensure that we do not just have a governor of Anambra South extraction, but someone who is a seasoned professional in a defined career, with proven success, evidence of demonstration of leadership, competent clear headed leader, with a well defined approach to governance and must also have his or her policy blueprint handy.

It is not enough for Anambra South to produce a governor, the most important thing is to have a governor that will work tirelessly for the people of the state. One who has the energy, will and general capacity to lead and meet core deliverable.

As of now, there is abundant evidence that Anambra South is not lacking people with the precise required skill set to do a fantastic job at the Government House domiciled in Awka, Anambra state.
Already, the argument as to who deserves to be supported, is on. But beyond politics, I am more than convinced that a good, but not very good candidate, will not do us any good. In that case, the next Anambra governor must be someone who can reach the world. Yes. Someone whose presence can be recognized across the world. A persona, whose intellect and professonal contributions towers very high and indeed, unrivaled. In Anambra South, we have very many of these people and the goodnews is, a handful of them have shown interest to contest for the governorship.

Someone like Dr. Godwin Maduka, a reknown anesthesiologist based in Nevada, United States; one of the best and finest anesthesiologist, will surely make a great governor of Anambra State.
Hon. Chris Azubogu, a serving member of the House of Representatives, representing Nnewi North, South and Ekwusigo federal constituency, who has been consistent and shown clear vision, is a good option.
Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo, a former CBN governor is also a very good option.

Aside these people mentioned, there are many other overly competent and loaded people who are driven, solely, by their desire to serve and through visionary leadership, better the destiny of our state. We must look in that direction. We want a governor who not only commands respect and honour, but one who deserves to be honoured, a disciplined and devoted leader, who serves with the integrity of his heart, skill and intellect.

Dr. Maduka, Hon. Azubogu and Prof. Soludo

To this, a few names come to mind again.

Dr. Godwin Maduka for instance, is a man of rugged conviction, as can be seen by how he has singly transformed his own village of Umuchukwu. He can afford to live happily and in affluence in the US or any other part of the world and maybe have a palace in Abuja or major cities in Nigeria, if need be, in case he visits Nigeria. But he went down to his village and deposited that light he would have dropped in Abuja, which would have no direct impact on his own people. It is because of this faith, this believe and patriotic spirit of his, that his village has experienced dramatic turnaround for good. Are we not convinced that he can very well do same for Anambra if he becomes governor?

Hon. Chris Azubogu has shown leadership through his quality representation of his constituency. In fact, he is regarded by admirers as the governor of the federal constituency. He has good works speaking for him. Will such persona not make a good leader?

Prof. Soludo’s landmark transformation of Nigerian banks remain fresh in our memories and his promise of a Dubai model of development for Anambra state, can be trusted based on what he did with Nigerian commercial banks.

There are still tens of highly qualified professional men and women with experience and exposure to take Anambra to the world stage, as main player in modern development, championed by the new oil which is knowledge based economy, in which ICT tops.

Enough of politics! We cannot afford to allow the not so good among us, to think, plan and act for us, destroying our present and future, worst still, being judged as the best among us.

It is time for serious business and in Anambra South, Anambra state must get it right.

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