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Both Tinubu And El-Rufai Cannot Succeed Buhari, As President- Ralph Nwosu

Both Tinubu and El-Rufai Cannot Succeed Buhari, as President- Ralph Nwosu

The ongoing accusation and opposition from Northern and Western camps of the ruling All Progressives Congress-APC, has continued. With El-Rufai claiming that he didn’t mention Tinubu in his early speech condemning godfatherism and suggesting how it can be defeated in Lagos state, while Tinubu has remained silent, only for his close associates to continue to respond to El-Rufai.

As it is clear to all kin observers of Nigerian politics, the dust raised by El- Rufai has everything to do with the 2023 Presidential race, in which it is not difficult to see that the duo have interest in who succeeds President Buhari, from their party, the APC.

The National Chairman of the African Democratic Congress-ADC; Chief Ralph Nwosu, has weighed in and dismissed the chances of both Nasir El-Rufai, the governor of Kaduna state and Tinubu, the National Leader of APC, in any plot to succeed President Buhari.  Chief Nwosu who stated in simple and clear language that both El-Rufai and Tinubu cannot be president after Buhari, went further to say that they will fail, if they attempt to contest for presidency after Buhari.

Chief Ralph Nwosu

According to Chief Nwosu, “The Igbo question is what Nigeria must deal with. It is the most crucial matter on the table now, outside the rigged and fraudulent elections. Unfortunately, the APC national leaders and the incumbent president lack the leadership and vision to address this problem. They think power for power sake, and are too consumed by self-righteous parochialism to think of the good health of Nigeria yesterday, today, and tomorrow. At this stage of our nationhood, no ethnic group can dominate the others without causing serious dislocation,” he has said during an interview with Daily Independent.

He then concluded that “The north west has served two terms with Buhari’s first term. Yar’Adua served one term. The south west has done eight years. The north west should be careful and exercise restraint, even their northern brothers may become disillusioned with them if they wish to dominate the rest of the country, and continue to want to take more than a fair share in the Nigerian enterprise”.

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