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But Who Smoked It?

But Who Smoked it?

Tobacco is a big, multi billion business around the world. In all, over 6 trillion sticks of cigarettes are smoked throughout the world every year. When further analyzed, it shows that about 18 billion cigarette sticks are smoked daily.
According to reports, most smokers live in poor and low income countries in Africa and Asia. Despite the consequences of smoking and the fact that it is written boldly on each pack that smoking tends to reduce life span, this has not helped to reduce the number of smokers in these countries. 

Again of all the smokers in the world, 80% of cigarette consumption happens in low and poor income parts of the world.
 Only last year, Nigerians smoked a total of 17 billion sticks of cigarettes. This is less than what North African countries of Algeria and Egypt smoked within the same year under review. While Egypt consumed a total of 93 billion sticks of cigarettes, Algeria consumed a total of 31 billion sticks of cigarettes, also within the same period. 
In Nigeria, a stick of cigarette costs only N20. It used to be N5. To understand the money smoking yeilds to its makers, one just has to multiply N20 by 17 billion.
Despite the warnings, people still feel comfortable and happy smoking, while the producers make a kill off their addiction and habit.

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