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Come And Run For Nzukora PG-Abubor Patriotic Minds Begs Sunny Okedo

Come and Run for Nzukora PG-Abubor Patriotic Minds Begs Sunny Okedo

Nnewi: Abubor Patriotic Minds, an association of like minds in Abubor Nnewichi Nnewi, has begged an illustrious son of the community; Chief Sunny Okedo, to Contest for Nzukora Nnewi President’s General office.  In the letter, the group citing the rotation formula in holding office in Nnewi and the micro rotation in Nnewichi which presupposes that the position of PG Nzukora will be occupied by someone from Abubor community, asked Chief Okedo to join the race to bring credibility to the contest, as he is most prepared for the job.
Read the letter below:

Chief Sunny Okedo

To: Chief Sir,
Sunny Okedo
Dear Sir,
1.Greetings to you and members of your family
2.The above letter headed Organization has been updated with a vital knowledge concerning the decision of Nnewi, through a publication made by HRN Igwe K.O.N Orizu III to zoning the president General’s position to Nnewichi.
3.Nnewi as a town, desirous of peace, continuous progress and development took a very wise decision to embark on zoning formula,which Nnewichi replicated same; which resulted to the Rotation falling on Abubor in this wonderful time of our history in Nnewichi.
4. The Decision of Nnewichi to apply the wisdom of Nnewi on the issue is not because other quarters have no strong, wealthy and intellectual man power as obtained in Abubor, but simply for peace and in the spirit of fairplay to prevail in our beloved society.
It is a great expectation that for this wisdom of Nnewi zoning to be worthwhile and fruitful,we as a community should reciprocate this wonderful privileged/gesture by presenting to them the Best of our best candidate through your person. A person and character that we have seen, tested and trusted when it comes to leadership and development strides delivery
5. Our reasons for addressing this letter is to enjoin you to throw your hat into the ring of contest for Nzukora Nnewi President General Position. This is born out of our in-depth investigation about those other contestants who are already running from pillar to position of leadership in Nnewi town, which in its true sense is not a cheap one and therefore should not be for all comers.
6. Some of those qualities we found about you are your educational Prowess and verifiable track records when it comes to leadership and achievements include:
(a) Sunny Okedo as–A Retired Deputy Director Ministry of Environment Anambra State Government
(b) A Justice of Peace (JP) with Oath of Office administered by Attorney General and commissioner forJustice Anambra State
(c) The Vice President of Awka Chamber of Commerce, industries, Mines & Agriculture
(d) Represented Anambra State Govt on Boundary & conflict resolution over Mamu River Forest Reserve; between the State andEnugu State Government from1995-1996.
(e) Represented Anambra State Government  jointly as plaintiff Appellant with the State Attorney General and Commissioner for justice, at the Federal Court of Appeal on land matter against Federal inland water
ways Authority–Presided  by justice Ubaezuonu.
Past President of Rotary International 2005/2006 Rotary year, and currently a Paul Harris fellow (PHF) of Rotary International.
(g) A member Board of Trustee Nzuko Agamniru Nnewichi Nnewi
(h) Also a member five-man Board of Trustee Oganiru Housing Estate GRA Awka.
(i) A Fourth (4th) degree knight of the Order of Knight of St Mulumba
(j) A conferment of the title of Dike–Eji–Ejemba at Orumba North
(k) Two – term Chairman of Nnewi Community in Awka Anambra State
(l) Widely travelled for conferences and leisure to African Countries, USA, Europe ETC.
(h) And now the National President of Abubor Community Nnewichi Nnewi.
 You also possess many Awards of Services to our nation, the Church and humanity at large, which we may not bore you by listing here, but suffice to say that your antecedents are high enough for us to bestow on you our wholehearted trust & support.
(7) We are however aware of the antics of the enemies of progress in Nnewi, who are bent on churning out falsehood about your person. This could possibly be because they are afraid of the obvious light about to shine in Nnewi, if you eventually accept our pleas to contest for the position in question,which is bound to enthrone desired peace, oneness, development and progress to Nnewi in general.
(8) Finally we wish to reemphasize that Abubor Patriotic Minds is a group of like minds yearning for truth and development which informed our decision here.
Please accept our esteemed regards.
Chairman- Mr Akabogu Stanley
Secretary- Mr Azubike Uchedife
Pub sec- comrade Okongwu promise A.

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