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CSIF Holds Open Day, Reinstates Commitment To Skill Acquisition And Capacity Building

CSIF Holds Open Day, Reinstates Commitment to Skill Acquisition and Capacity Building

CSIF Holds Open Day, Reinstates Commitment to Skill Acquisition and Capacity Building



Chizoba Solar International Foundation (CSIF) came onboard in 2019 as an empowerment organization that aims at equipping the youth and others with marketable skills, to better position them to face the present day challenges through what they can offer. It is on record that CSIF has engaged in various activities to bolster the lives of people, particularly in Nnewi, Anambra State, Nigeria. It is in the same line, with the same objective, that the organization had its open day which was held on the last month, February, 2022. The event was intended to showcase what CSIF has been doing, as much as offer opportunity to individuals who are interested to enroll and learn a skill or more, which training has been subsidized and or, paid for, by spirited individuals.

A tour of the sewing section during the open day


CSIF offer training in the following areas; Solar Installation and maintenance, Electrical Engineering, Basic Electronics Engineering, Website Development, Graphics Designing, Computer Programming and Tailoring.

With a vision of excellence, CSIF braces up to the speedily evolving times by being up to date in terms of updating herself in modern practices as regards the aforementioned skills. CSIF does not train her students on obsolete practices, but ensures that the students enrolled get current and updated knowledge and knowhow as regards the skills which are offered.

Training at CSIF comes with specific opportunities as those who have acquired the certain skills are readily engaged. A case in point, during the open day, many offers were made to those that just completed their training and those enrolling to train on solar installation and maintenance. In addition, CSIF not only gives their students in-house training in these skills, it also gives them a business knowhow, takes them on field trips where they get first hand work experience, among others. Upon graduation, the students would not only have acquired relevant skills that are also monetized, they are equally awarded Ordinary National Diploma – OND, in their area of training.

Tour of solar and electrical section


CSIF is located within the premises of Dr. Alutu’s College of Excellence in Nnewi and the trainings it offers are open to youths and others who wish to acquire a skill. School leavers, graduates and those with no education at all who wish to acquire skills are welcome to CSIF. Single mothers, widows and indigent persons, are all welcome to get empowered with skills which they will immediately deploy after training to make a living.

During the open day, Dr. Aloysius Chukwudike offered to pay for the training of no less than 20 persons who will come to learn any skill taught by the organization. Residents of Nnewi and environs are expected to take advantage of this opportunity to learn important skill that is valuable and has ability to brighten their financial fortunes.




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