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Easter Celebration: “Uzuegbuna Okagbue Is A Man Of Faith And Deep Conviction” – Onyekwelu

Easter Celebration: “Uzuegbuna Okagbue is a man of Faith and Deep Conviction” – Onyekwelu

Easter Celebration: “Uzuegbuna Okagbue is a man of Faith and Deep Conviction” – Onyekwelu


The 2022 Easter Celebration is today marked all over the world to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, some thousands of years ago. Ebuka Onyekwelu, Columnist with the West African Pilot News who is also Media Director and Spokesman of Uzuegbuna Okagbue campaign; Uzuegbuna Okagbue is the leading APGA aspirant for Anambra Central Senate for 2023; has described Easter as a defining identity of Christendom. Speaking to news men in Awka the Anambra State capital, Onyekwelu said that “Easter is the defining attribute of Christianity. It symbolizes the sovereignty of God, and also depicts the greatest demonstration of love”. According to Onyekwelu, “the Bible was clear when it said that greater love has no man than this, than he lay down his life for his friends. Easter therefore calls for a deep reflection on service. You cannot serve without love. Recall, God had to love first, before he sent his son on the mission we are celebrating today”, Ebuka said.

Reacting to how appropriate Uzuegbuna Okagbue’s aspiration to the senate for Anambra Central in 2023 mirror’s the essence of Easter, Onyekwelu said that Uzuegbuna Okagbue is a man of immense faith and conviction. “I have worked very closely with Uzuegbuna Okagbue and can confirm to you without equivocation that he is a man of unwavering faith and deep convictions. For him, there is eternal value in good deeds and uprightness. Uzu is not someone that does things because they are expedient or because they are what other people do. Uzu indeed, is a man of incredible faith in God and people”, Ebuka said. Speaking further, Onyekwelu remarked that “Easter is a call to service based on love. Uzuebuna Okagbue’s aspiration is rooted in selfless desire to serve with love, nobody can successfully contravene this glaring fact”, Onyekwelu concluded.

Meanwhile, millions of Christians all over the world have marked today’s celebration with Church service. But for most Nigerian Christians, the usual morning Church service is immediately followed by eating some of the best meals they can afford and drinking the finest wine they can afford, to crown the celebration.



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