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Foundation Intensifies Efforts On Free Skill Acquisition

Foundation Intensifies Efforts on Free Skill Acquisition

Foundation Intensifies Efforts on Free Skill Acquisition



News Report by Ebuka Onyekwelu



Chizoba International Solar Foundation – CSIF, located in Nnewi, Anambra State, has intensified efforts to build more people up, with relevant skills to make a living. Latest effort by the foundation targets school leavers, underemployed, unemployed and others, who are interested in learning useful skills offered by the foundation.


Recently, several communities have been besieged by drug abuse cases especially among young people. As part of the efforts to help communities rehabilitate young people cut in the web of drug abuse, CSIF is reaching out to various communities within and around Nnewi, to partner with them by helping to train and equip young people with relevant skills. According to the administrator, this will go a long way to keeping young people busy and engaged. Thereby leaving them with little or no room at all, to be involved with illegal abuse of substances.

In a similar development, CSIF has equally extended its outreach to Churches and other social organisations, in its fight to ensure that people’s chances of making a living are strengthened with skills that will easily be exchanged at a price, including information and technology skills, solar installation and maintenance, tailoring, among others.


ICT Session at CSIF


“We are determined to do more. But you know, we are able to do as much based on the support we get. We are only hoping that more good spirited individuals can reach out and commit to empower five or ten or fifty or even two people with skills that will pull them out of the poverty line”, Anthony, CSIF administrator said.



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