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Four Easy Ways To Detect Scam

Four Easy Ways to Detect Scam

It was recently announced that the scam “industry” is yeilding dividends in billions. So apparently, people have lost billions of their money to scammers. 

Now here are four simple ways to sheild yourself from being a victim of scam.


1. Be contented. Never ever jump on strange “opportunities”. It is not the rule that someone you don’t know will come from nowhere and just “bless” you. 
2. Look out for poor communication. Like terrible written english, laced with poor logic. If he speaks well, look at his logic.
3. Name dropping. They usually call big names and big companies. In few minutes, they will mention all the big guys in town and claim they know each other. Meanwhile, they know no one.
4. They may look good and smell nice. But watch it. Take your time.
Credit: Ebuka Onyekwelu

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