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COVID-19: Hon. Amala Anazodo Gifts Food And Cash To Community

COVID-19: Hon. Amala Anazodo Gifts Food and Cash to Community

The needy in Obiuno community Umudim Nnewi, yesterday received 10kg bag of rice each, for no fewer than one hundred families, with cash gift courtesy of Hon. Amala Kenneth Anazodo, the Special Adviser to Governor Willie Obiano on National and State Assembly Matters. This according to Hon. Anazodo, is his own modest contribution to help reach out to those who are really in need because of COVID-19. Speaking further, he observed that in the past weeks, he had experienced something that is unusual, where total strangers come to knock on his gate asking for help with food or money. “I mean”, he said, “people who I do not know and who does not know me walking up to my gate and asking for help, just anything they can eat, this is really a difficult time for many families out there”.



Recall that the government of Anambra state announced extension of the lockdown as a way to stop possible community transmission of coronavirus, after Anambra state recorded its first case of the deadly virus. However, for thousands of low income families and individuals who depend on their daily income to feed, the lockdown posed enormous challenge, as they struggle to deal with hunger.



Although Anambra state government has taken drastic measures to help those in need with the distribution of food items to the elderly and the planned distribution of same to youths, yet, it appears it is never enough because there are more low income earners and needy in our society than those that can take care of their needs. Commending the efforts of the Governor of Anambra state in helping the needy, Hon. Amala said that “the government of Anambra state under the able leadership of Chief Willie Obiano has worked extremely hard in containing a possible spread of COVID-19 and also in containing hunger through the swift social intervention efforts”. According to Anazodo, “So far, Anambra is a leading light in managing COVID-19 and the impact of lockdown on the needy. What we have done is to reach those who perhaps, could not be reached in my community, I cannot turn my back on them, but indeed, the government has done exceptionally well”.

The food item and cash was delivered to Mr. Ifeanyi Nwajide the youth leader of the community, for distribution to those who really need it within the community.

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