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Hon. Amala Anazodo Hosts APGA Women Leaders, As Hon. Melie Presents Cheque To Ifeneti

Hon. Amala Anazodo Hosts APGA Women Leaders, as Hon. Melie Presents Cheque to Ifeneti

Hon. Amala Anazodo Hosts APGA Women Leaders, as Hon. Melie Presents Cheque to Ifeneti

Nnewi: The Special Adviser to the Governor of Anambra State on National and State Assembly Matters; Hon. Amala Anazodo today hosted all women leaders of the All Progressives Grand Alliance- APGA- in Nnewi. The meeting which was attended by all ward women leaders and Nnewi North LGA woman leader of the party, was an exciting one with the women leaders treated to sumptuous entertainments and some takeaways.


Akaego, APGA stakeholder in Nnewichi Ward 1 addressing the women leaders during the meeting


Speaking, Hon. Amala Anazodo said that the ethos of the APGA party is rooted in brotherhood and sisterhood which naturally places a demand on party stakeholders to look after party men and women, or at least stop by from time to time, to know how they are faring. In his words, “You know this is not a political season. And even if it is a political season, I am not contesting for any position. But I am convinced it is right based on the ethos of our great party to meet like this and interact from time to time”.

While the meeting was going on, the Special Adviser to the Governor of Anambra State on Budget and Efficiency and the Chairman of Anambra State Public Procurement Bureau; Hon. Melie Onyejepu walked in. Hon. Melie spoke passionately on the need for party people to remain steadfast and focused. According to him, APGA has come a long way and there is no going back. He went further to point out that the government of Anambra state under the leadership of Governor Willie Obiano has favoured Nnewi in all respects. To this point, Hon. Amala Anazodo conceded pointing out some projects and capacity building undertaken by Governor Obiano in Nnewi.


Hon. Ogbuefi Melie Onyejepu addressing the meeting

Hon. Ugochukwu Udemezue the President General of Nzukora Nnewi who was at the meeting, spoke at length extolling the unrivalled good gestures extended to Nnewi and ndi Nnewi by the Governor.


Hon. Ugochukwu Udemezue; Ifeneti, addressing the meeting. Kaluza

The high point of the meeting was the distribution of food items and others materials, donated by the host and complimented by Hon. Melie. After which Hon. Melie informed the PG of the cheque of N500, 000 (five hundred thousand naira) in his name, by Governor Obiano, to facilitate with him over the remembrance of his late parents, sometime last year.


L-R: Hon. Ogbuefi Melie Onyejepu, Hon. Amala Anazodo adn Hon. Ugochukwu Udemezue, receiving the cheque

The women leaders expressed happiness and thanked Hon. Amala Anazodo, Hon. Melie as well the Governor of Anambra State, for the great work he is doing for ndi Nnewi.


Hon. Ogbuefi Melie Onyejepu speaking at the meeting

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