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Hon. Benchuks Nwosu Publishes CV, Achievements And 2019 Legislative Agenda, For Ndi Nnewi

Hon. Benchuks Nwosu Publishes CV, Achievements and 2019 Legislative Agenda, for Ndi Nnewi


Residential Address: Obi Ezeudu, Chief David Nwosu’s Compound, Agawanna, Okpuno Nnweichi, Nnewi.








(Barrister – at Law)





Nationality:                    Nigerian

State of Origin:              Anambra State

Local Govt. Area:                    Nnewi North LGA

Sex:                                Male

Marital Status:               Married

Religion:                        Christianity



Ben Chuks Nwosu Esq is a hardworking, creative and honest individual with an excellent interpersonal skill, a team player with motivational skills. He is an experienced legal practitioner with impressive legislative and communicative skills.


  • Nigerian Law School
  • University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus
  • University of Nigeria, Nsukka
  • Nnewi High School, Nnewi



  • Bachelor of Law (BL)
  • B (Hons.)
  • BA (Hons) Philosophy
  • West Africa Senior School Certificate (WASSC)




Founded Ben Nwosu & Co.                                                         Dec. 1992 till date

(Legal Practitioners)

Designation:        Head of Chambers


Chief Mike Ozekhome, SAN’s Chambers                                                      Jan. 1992

Designation:        Deputy Head of Chambers


Chief Mike Ozekhome, SAN’s Chambers                                                       1990 – 1992                   

Designation:        Barrister and Solicitor


College of Education, Benin                                                                 1984 – 1985                                           

Designation:        Lecturer: Philosophy of Education


College of Education, Benin                                                                    1983 – 1984                                        

Designation:        Asst. Registrar II (Admission Office)


College of Education, Benin                                                                    1982 – 1983                                      

Designation:        Asst. Registrar II (Administration)







Following my election in 2003 as a member representing Nnewi North State Constituency in the Anambra State House of Assembly, I noticed massive infrastructural decay in our network of roads. I quickly deepened my personal relationship with Dr. Chris Ngige to enable him pay attention to my Constituency and their plight. I liaised with the Commissioner of Works, Commissioner for Budget and Planning and other relevant State Government Agencies and most especially, lobbied Mr. Speaker and my colleagues in the House of Assembly to successfully put the following critical roads in the Budget which was signed into law, funds were released to various contractors and the roads were constructed to the glory of God and Ndi-Nnewi. The roads are as follows:


  • NNEWI – OZUBULU ROAD through Mmili Ele with a dual ten-by-ten concrete waterway at Mmili Ele. This road opened access to Beverly Hills Hotel, Umudim, Nnewi as well as Ozubulu and Okija Expressway to Owerri, Imo State. It rejuvenated transportation of goods and services from and to Nnewi.


  • NNEWI – ONITSHA – ICHI – OJOTO ROAD (Old Nnewi – Onitsha Road) was not accessible. The Mbonu – Ewim – Osigwe stretch was a gully and impassable. I brought Governor Chris Ngige through that road and his convoy was grounded. Two days after that event, the Contract for the Old Nnewi – Onitsha road was awarded. The rest is history.


  • EKE – AMUKO NNEWICHI TO NNOBI ROAD was cut by erosion at the Eke Nnodu junction. I got Governor Chris Ngige to construct the road from Amuko – Nnobi after one of our several visits to Nnewichi Erosion sites. Today, anyone can drive from Amuko – Nnobi seamlessly.


  • EROSION MENACE IN OBIOFIA NNEWICHI threatened a mass exodus of my people from their ancestral homes. I made the Erosion Menace a National Disaster Issue on ABS Radio, NTA National News, Awka, Local and National Newspapers. With the kind assistance and cooperation of Governor Ngige, I went to Abuja to invite Col. Bala Mande (Rtd.) who was the Federal Minister of Environment, to come to the Erosion sites on a working tour. I went to Enugu to invite Dr. Chu S. P. Okongwu (Former Minister of Petroleum, Budget and Planning). On a fixed day, all of them visited the Erosion Menace sites of Nnewichi. What followed was a network of roads with waterways on both sides which greatly checked the advancement of the Erosion Menace because the network of waterways channelled the massive flood to Mmili Agu Nnewichi and Mmili John in Ojoto and thereby saving people from mass exodus as happened in Aguata.

NOTE: I must commend the efforts of the three Governors I served while in the House of Assembly namely; Governor Chris Ngige, Governor Peter Obi and our own Governor Dame Virgy Etiaba whose commitment and deep love for Ndi-Nnewi while in office as Governor’ ensured that she increased the number of roads in the Erosion Menace zone, paid for their construction and ensured that they were completed and put to use. God bless her immensely. Chief Dan Ulasi was PDP State Chairman during the Ngige era and I must profusely commend him for his ebullient roles in pushing Ngige to focus on Nnewi and most of the achievements of that era were mainly because of his political sagacity and efficiency. In all honesty, himself and Sir Chris Atuegwu facilitated a lot of the achievements enumerated.


  • 100 FOOT ROAD was put in the Budget of Anambra State by my humble self. After budget approval and signing into law, the road was constructed.


  • THE FAMOUS NKWO – NKWO ROAD connecting Nnewi and Oraifite (Ekwusigo LGA) through St. Mary’s Uruagu Nnewi was put in the Budget and was facilitated by my humble self representing Nnewi North and Hon. Humphrey Nsofor representing Ekwusigo State Constituency in the Anambra State House of Assembly.





It was during my tenure in office as Member representing Nnewi State Constituency that our dear State witnessed its most turbulent political period so far. Governor Peter Obi was impeached. I was the first member of the Anambra State House of Assembly to say on National Television, National Newspapers and various Radio Stations that the impeachment was wrong. I said that it was against natural justice, equity and good conscience and that I will fight against it because it was unconstitutional. I am PDP and Governor Peter Obi was then in APGA. Some members of the House of Assembly who carried out the impeachment escaped to Asaba, Delta State.

Igwe K. O. N. Orizu, CON, JP, Igwe Nnewi was the Chairman of Anambra State Traditional Rulers Council while Dr. Dozie Ikedife (Ikenga Nnewi) was the President-General, Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo Worldwide. My Igwe instructed me to stand and fight for the truth and assured me of his support and protection. Dr. Dozie Ikedife charged me to remember that I represent Ndi-Nnewi and that Onye-Nnewi is not swayed by money, but wisdom. A huge sum of money was flying around to persuade members of the House of Assembly to desert Governor Peter Obi. I am proud to state that I stood where I was told to stand – the path of Truth. My colleagues in the Assembly elected me The Speaker Protempore of the Anambra State House of Assembly and together with the traditional rulers, civil society organisations and the Judiciary, the impeachment was nullified and Governor Peter Obi was handed over power by Governor Dame Virgy Etiaba, who resumed her duty as the Deputy Governor of Anambra State.





Elected Member,                                                                                                2003-2007

Nnewi North State Constituency,

Anambra State House of Assembly.

Designation:        Legislator

  • Chairman, House Committee on Works and Public Utilities (2003-2007)
  • Chairman, House Committee on Media and Communications (2003-2007)


Appointed Head (DDG),                                                                                    2010

Ngige Campaign Organisation

(Governorship of Anambra State)

Designation:        Deputy Director General


Appointed Director-General                                                                            2013

Ifeanyi Ubah Campaign Organisation

(Governorship of Anambra State)

Designation:        Director-General




  1. To sponsor a Bill for a Law to enhance Erosion Control in Anambra State especially in Urban areas like Nnewi and reduce the speed with which residential and agricultural land is lost to erosion menace by making it mandatory for every compound in Anambra State to dig a rain-water catchment pit, well, or umi.


  1. To sponsor a Bill for a Law to urgently create Roads and Infrastructure Maintenance Agency, in Anambra State for every Local Government Council and thereby create jobs for our youths to compliment Standard Local Government Staff especially in Nnewi which is a fast growing metropolis.


  1. To sponsor a Bill for a Law to ensure even maintenance of public primary schools attended by poor people of our State and Local Governments.


  1. To move Motions to bring to the notice of Anambra State Government the pains experienced by traders and businessmen over multiple taxation and physical harassment of Nnewi people by Tax Collectors.


  1. To liaise with the Commissioner of Police Anambra State to order a stop to the harassment and seizure of motorcycles by stop – and – search policemen on duty especially at night in Nnewi when there is no curfew declared by the State or Federal Government of Nigeria.


  1. Where necessary, to adopt existing Federal Legislations in which the Federal and State Legislatures have concurrent jurisdictions to enrich the laws of Anambra State for order and good governance of our people.


  1. To always fight against abuse of Fundamental Human Rights of any Nnewi person or any citizen of Nigeria resident in Nnewi.


  1. To liaise with the Igwe – In – Council and Nzuko Ora to ensure that any needed Bill for a law to ensure better administration of Nnewi is sponsored, passed, signed and enforced.


  1. To liaise with all Obis and Clan – Heads in transmitting necessary information and ideas for development of Nnewi and Anambra State Government.


  1. To carry out any other duty or assignment relating to my office as may be directed by relevant authorities in charge of Nnewi to ensure peace, order and good governance of Ndi – Nnewi.




The foregoing were my humble achievements as member representing Nnewi North State Constituency in the Anambra State House of Assembly from 2003 – 2007. Noteworthy is the fact that for over one year, President Obasanjo pursued Governor Ngige with the members of the House of Assembly from Anambra State to Delta State, Abia State and finally Abuja before our return to Awka to settle down and work.

Accordingly, permit me to appeal to Ndi-Nnewi to massively elect me; the Candidate of PDP, for the Anambra State House of Assembly in the 2019 General Election. If I could achieve all I did in times of crisis and projected the interest of Ndi – Nnewi, I could do more in times of peace as we have today in Anambra State.


I make this appeal because I am willing and able to robustly and courageously represent Nnewi again as a RANKING MEMBER with honest hardwork, diligence, focus, knowledge of the Law and Legislative competence, communicative skills, consultation and ability to define the needs of Ndi Nnewi in consultation with Igwe’s Cabinet and Nzuko Ora Nnewi to ensure that Nnewi Excels.




SIGNED:    Rt. Hon Barr. Ben Chuks Nwosu

                    (Barrister & Solicitor) of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

  1.   A (Hons.) Philosophy

                    LL.B (Hons.) Bachelor-of-Law

                    B.L (Hons.) Barrister-at-Law


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