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How You Can Win Your Election

How You Can Win Your Election

This is election season in Nigeria. In actual fact, it is exactly one month to the Presidential and the National Assembly General Elections, while the Governorship and State Assembly election are in a month and three days. Well, money is important, endorsements are important, but the most important is your own tactful management of your strength, which must be maximized for a win.

It is generally believed that  in a political contest, you must work hard to impress everybody. Politicians who are running election try to do anything possible to make people like them.
The assumption that they needed the approval of everybody is understandable but unrealistic. Nobody can get the approval of everybody, no matter how good they are.
The import of this, is that often times, public office seekers do too much, seeking approval where they will get non, leaving the weightier things undone or not done properly.

Here are some tips:

1. Focus on your support base. Reinforce your base and strengthen it.

2. Reach out to anybody that matters, but never entrust your fate in their care. They may use your ambition to negotiate their own personal deal.

3. Don’t waste your time and resources on sworn enemies and opposition. No matter what you do or not, they will not like you, still.

4. Invest your time and resources on your support base. Invest also in building new alliances. This is better and far potent than trying to revive broken alliances and support.

5. Stop beating about doing too much without focus. Narrow down your energy to the things that matter.

6. Go and engage your voters!

7. You don’t need the approval of everybody, to win an election.

Yes! You can win!

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