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I Have Served, Touched Humanity, Now I Am Wiser- Governor Ambode

I have Served, Touched Humanity, Now I am Wiser- Governor Ambode

The Governor of Lagos state, Akinwunmi Ambode, today, after a meeting with President Mohammadu Buhari in Aso Rock, has said that he is a happy man despite being denied the ticket of his party when he sort for a second term on the party’s platform. Speaking to State House correspondents, Governor Ambode maintained that he has served humanity and performed creditably within the purview of his office, to the best of his ability, in the service of Lagosians. He also said that politics is tricky and so one learns everyday therefore, he has also learnt his lessons and will leave office wiser than he was before now.

Governor Ambode

The statement by Ambode made available by News Agency of Nigeria- NAN, reads; “Every politician learns every day. The mere fact remains that I came in as a technocrat so I used to call myself a techno-politician and I think I am wiser now, I’m more of a politician than a technocrat”.

Ambode continued, “I have a few days in office, may be 16 days or so to leave office but what is most important is that I was able to have that opportunity form God to be elected as Governor of Lagos and also to touch humanity in a way that I deemed fit”.

The Governor went on to score himself high in terms of touching more lives through his term as Governor. “I just think that a lot more people have enjoyed the benefits and the dividends of democracy than we actually met. It gives me joy that you are able to touch lives wherever you find yourself. “You have to just make positive difference to people or Nigerians, that’s the whole essence of service. I’m grateful that I had that opportunity,” he said.

Governor Ambode will leave office on May 29, 2019, as the first Governor of Lagos since 1999, who did not serve a second term in office. His political future is not clear and he did not disclose his discussion with the President.

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