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Idemili North APGA Should Produce Next House Of Representatives Member- Dr. Anyadiegwu

Idemili North APGA Should Produce Next House of Representatives Member- Dr. Anyadiegwu

Idemili North APGA Should Produce Next House of Representatives Member- Dr. Anyadiegwu




Following the raging argument as to between Idemili North and Idemili South Local Governments, which should represent the Federal Constituency in 2023, an Idemili North stakeholder has made known his opinion on the matter.

The Chairman/CEO of Loko and Partners, Hon Dr Charles Anyadiegwu, who is a major  stakeholder of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in Nkpor ward 2 and Leader of the Political group, Concerned Umu Idemili/2023 Elections Gatekeepers; has frowned at the erroneous clamor by ndi Idemili South that it is their turn to represent Idemili North and South Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives in 2023.


In his reaction, he wondered how Idemili South who since 1999 to 2022 has represented the Federal Constituency for fourteen years, will be clamoring to go again when their brother, Idemili North has only represented the Federal Constituency for just ten years.


According to Anyadiegwu, from available verifiable records, Idemili South has been to the House of Representatives four years more than Idemili North. The persons who represented Idemili South in these fourteen years are still alive and well.


“It is not in the spirit of equity and fair-play for any person from Idemili South to want to represent our Federal Constituency now, knowing they are four years ahead of us. As an APGA member, I am saddened that even out of the twenty four years, our party was only there for just five months and our Representative was removed by the Appeal Court”, Anyadiegwu said. He also gave details of the Federal Constituency representation as follows; “Chief Jerry Ugokwe spent seven years from 1999 to 2006 while Dr Christian Okeke spent just one year and was replaced by Hon Obinna Chidoka in 2007. After one year of Chidoka, Hon Charles Odedo took over and spent seven years under PDP and ACN successively before Chidoka came back in 2015 and has been there till today.” said Hon. Anyadiegwu.


Charles Anyadiegwu therfore called on the incoming Governor, Professor Charles Soludo and the Leadership of the APGA to avoid the mistake of imposition and ensure the emergence of right candidates who have capacity to win election in their various constituencies, insisting that only the bests will be good enough for 2023. He further argued that it will be tactically impossible to defeat the incumbent Chidoka of Idemili North (who is fighting for third term) with a candidate from Idemili South. The APGA chieftain also urged ndi Idemili South to work with a credible and popular APGA  candidate from Idemili North towards a surer victory at the polls. “Politics is a game of tactics and if you plan better, you win”, Chief Anyadiegwu concluded.


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