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Miss Tourism Nnewi; Queen Linda Agbasielo, Marks Birthday

Miss Tourism Nnewi; Queen Linda Agbasielo, Marks Birthday

Queen Linda, the current holder of Miss Tourism Nnewi title, is a queen of her own class. The 21 years old 300 level Basic Medical Science student of Anambra State University, hails from Abubor Nnewichi village, in Nnewi North Local Government Area of Anambra State.

Prior to her emergence as Miss Tourism Nnewi, Queen Linda preferred to rather live a very quiet and peaceful life, going about her normal activities and minding her business. This relative passive approach to life changed dramatically when Perpe Entertainment, the organizers of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nnewi Pageantry,  led by Mrs. Ogochukwu Obiefuna, organised the show, in which she did not only participate, but also became the second runner up and was subsequently crown Miss Tourism Nnewi. ‘Ever since my emergence as Miss Tourism Nnewi’, Queen Linda recalls, ‘I have reevaluated my ambition. Life should not be just about me as there are many people whom I can help in one way or another. There are so many problems that I can help to solve. I realize I have a much bigger role to play in shaping humanity’.

Queen Linda


Talking about her focus and interest, Queen Linda narrated that the essence of life and social status is not for showoff or arrogant display of opulence. Rather, for me, she has said, ‘it is to help children out there who have congenital abnormalities or disorders…through my medical experience’. Therefore she concluded that her focus is to use her new found stardom to reach out to children with congenital abnormalities as well as engage in public sensitization in a bid to creating health consciousness which she said will impact positively on the quality of live of our people.

The beauty queen who is set to mark her 21st birthday in a few hours (29th January) has said that her birthday will be celebrated with kids who are less privileged and with medical abnormalities. This she said, will go a long way to shape their world, a gesture she described as ‘most fulfilling’, for her.


Queen Linda’s Pet project

Happy birthday Queen Linda!

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