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Most Beautiful Girl In Nnewi International, Unveils Pet Project As She Embarks On Dubai Tour

Most Beautiful Girl in Nnewi International, Unveils Pet Project as she Embarks on Dubai Tour

​Most Beautiful Girl in Nnewi International, Unveils Pet Project as She Embarks on  Dubai Tour

Queen Jennifer Mmerichukwu Obiamalu, the current Most Beautiful Girl in Nnewi International, is set to embark on a Dubai tour later this week, during which due arrangements have been made for her, to meet and interract with Ndi Igbo and other Nigerians, in Dubai. Queen Jennifer is also slated to feature in some high profile events, as well as share her vision for out of school children, with Nigerian community in Dubai.


In an exclusive interview with Kaluza, Jennifer bares it all. She discusses her motivation, interest and goal, in a most brilliant and compelling manner. Below is our interview session with her.

Can we meet you?

I’m Obiamalu Jennifer Mmerichukwu from Otolo Nnewi , Okupuno Umuenem to be precise. A 200 level student of Faculty of Agriculture at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

I was born and brought up in Lagos.

So you are the Most Beautiful Girl in Nnewi, International?

(Smiles) Yea! I’m the Most Beautiful Girl in Nnewi International.

Queen Jennifer

How did you get into beauty pageantry?

My mum was once a beauty queen during her own time and that inspired me greatly because I saw the positivity of beauty pageant in her.

Born into a family of seven, I learned early that ‘family’ was the most important part of life. My love for family is what inspired me into the world of pageantry, to me friends are like family. So I will say I was inspired by my family.

I am aware pageants usually have pet projects. What is your pet project?

For my pet project, I intend to do something about out of school children, in Nigeria. In my home town Nnewi, there is increasing number of out of school children. These are kids that ordinarily should be in primary school and in class, but you see them hawking in the markets, pushing wheelbarrow and carrying loads, at less than 10 or 12 years old. On many occassions, I had stopped to talk to some of these kids, three different times, they responded that they needed to raise money by what they are doing, to be able to pay their own school fees because their parents do not have. It is so touching to see these kids, passionate, hardworking, smart, yet being denied the privilege of basic education. The trend is even dangerous for our communities. I think it is a worthy cause that we all need to join hands together and pull through.

What exactly do you intend to do with out of school children?

Yes. What I intend to do is simple. You know, we have a problem of data in our country. As a result, we can only speculate that there are about say 500 out of school kids in Anambra state or say 1000 in Lagos state. But what we are doing is that we are keeping records of some of the kids we have encountered. The aim is to get at least 100 kids back to school. How we will do this is by helping them pay school fees, get them new school uniforms, school sandals, exercise books and school bag. We also indeed to sustain this initiative and we will focus more on Nnewi, for obvious reasons (smiles). However, I am determined with my team, to do little things with extra vigor, I am confident the difference will be clear. For all the kids we will be able to put back to complete at least basic education, that is a lifeline given to generations. That is the future of our community being protected and that is humanity getting better.

What is your appeal/How do you want people to help, so you can actualize this dream?

Well, my humble appeal is that these kids need our help. Our people say, nwa bu nwa oha. Losely translated to mean that a child belongs to the public (people). Now, if we will take pride in the progress of our people and say this is how our people are, then it is only morally obligating that we also share in raising our own, for indeed, that is how our people are. We raise our own! We need educational materials; exercise books, school bags, sandals, etc. We want people to volunteer to pay school fees of 10 or 20 kids, to get them back to school. These kids will not be attending private but public schools and the fees are not outrageous. As much as N50, 000 can take care of over 10 kids and get them back to school. There is no way I can do these without the support of good spirited people. Therefore, people’s support is of tremendous essence to us, for the actualization of this project.

We wish Queen Jennifer a great time in Dubai and hope that her vision to take out of school kids back to school, becomes a huge success.

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