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Mrs. Clara Udeze Marks 75th Birthday With Family In Her Ogbaru Home

Mrs. Clara Udeze Marks 75th Birthday with Family in her Ogbaru Home

Mrs. Clara Udeze Marks 75th Birthday with Family in her Ogbaru Home


The widow of Rev. Patrick Udeze and mother of Hon. Somto Udeze, member representing Ogbaru 11 constituency in Anambra state House of Assembly, today marked her 75th birthday with members of her family and very close friends in her home in Atani, Ogbaru Anambra state.


Mama expressing her joy


The occasion which was a very quiet family affair, was a moment of gratitude to God for life and good health, grace and blessing upon the Matriarch of Rev. Patrick Udeze family. It started around 12pm with a Church service in the family house chapel christened Patrick Chapel, with about five priests in attendance which includes mama’s second son who is a Priest. Songs of praise and worship were raised to God before cutting of her 75th birthday cake by mama.


Mama and her family coming for thanksgiving


Madam Clara Udeze is blessed with eight children and about twenty grand children, so far. In attendance were her children and grand children, Hon. Amala Anazodo a close friend and associate of Hon. Somto Udeze, Lolo Patricia Onyia, Princess Nwaka Ononuju and Mr. Alphonsus.


Mama and her son Hon. Somto


In his brief address, Hon. Somto remarked that growing up, mama’s kindness and generosity was a major mark that has never left him till date. According to Hon. Somto, the family wanted a big celebration to mark the landmark 75th birthday, but for mama’s insistence that she wants the birthday to be small and not elaborate. Reflecting on the journey of life since the death of their father, Somto said, “When we lost our father about fifteen years ago, personally, I didn’t believe that she will make it up till now. As the Lord has made it possible, she has united us the children”.


Speaking on some of the things mama did to raise her kids properly, Hon. Somto said “You tried for us, you did everything; always in the farm to supplement your meager salary to see us through what we are today. You made us believe that God is the only way out. Even when we lost our father you encouraged us to hold on to God. The only way we can pay you back is to keep up the legacy of your husband who always said that good name is better than riches”.


Mama with Priests: to the right is her son


It was indeed a beautiful and joyous moment for mama, her kids and a few friends who came to Atani, to rejoice with the family.

Happy birthday mama and many more years of goodness and God’s blessing!


Beautiful photos by Laugh Patterns Studio, ASABA

IG handle : @laughpatternnigeriasa




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