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Mrs. Ogochukwu Obiefuna Of Perpe Entertainment Marks Birthday

Mrs. Ogochukwu Obiefuna of Perpe Entertainment Marks Birthday

Today, Mrs Ogochukwu Obiefuna, Nnewi born entertainment guru and the brain behind Perpe Entertainment marks her birthday. Ogochukwu a mother of two, who has redefined entertainment and brought her unique style and class into pageantry, is the organizer of Most Beautiful Girl in Nnewi, an annual event that has changed the face of entertainment in Anambra state. It is also worthy of note that in many years of organizing Most Beautiful Girl in Nnewi, the event has remained clean and completely scandal free and this goes as a testament to her peculiar style, approach and drive in the entertainment industry. Only a few months ago, two crowned queens under her management traveled to Dubai as part of their reward packages.



Mrs. Ogochukwu Obiefuna from Otolo Nnewi in Anambra state is the last born in a family of ten. She holds Bachelor of Science Degree in Banking and Finance. However in 2015, she founded Perpe Entertainment which she is using to redefine entertainment, particularly pageantry.

For her, entertainment can be fun, big and still decent. “We can use entertainment to tell our story, to showcase our rich and valuable culture as well as our beautiful women, these are all part of our heritage and really in showcasing these, the process and the stories have to be something that does not put our heritage to ridicule”, Ogochukwu had said. This clearly shows in how she has managed the Most Beautiful Girl in Nnewi contest among others.


There is little doubt that Mrs. Obiefuna is a woman on a mission in the entertainment industry.

We are wishing you a happy birthday and many happy returns! From all of us at Kaluza.

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