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My Media Africa Set To Hold Maiden Illustrious Award

My Media Africa Set to Hold Maiden Illustrious Award

​My Media Africa Set to hold Maiden Illustrious Award

Preparations are in top gear for the maiden African Illustrious Award  of Nigeria’s fastest growing media and magazine company;  My Media Africa.The Illustrious  award which is the first edition, for the company, promises to be the best of its kind. Already, the team members at My Media Africa head office located in the heart of Lekki, Lagos, have come up with a number of award categories that so easily distinguishes the event, as one of its kind.

The Illustrious African Award is going to be a celebration of merit, excellence and prowess in diverse works of life. Arguably, it will turnout as the only award in Nigeria that recognizes trail blazing, ground breaking innovations, philantropy as well as celebrates individuals, groups, corporate organizations, public servants, of African  origin, who have not only  distinguished themselves in the areas of nation building, business and enterprise,  but have also contributed immensely in the areas of community development, comminity leadership, public service, arts & culture, commerce and industry, information technology, health and education.

According to the organizers of the award, tagged African Illustrious Award, plans are also in place to recognize some academia who have made quiet but enormous contributions to knowledge and learning, students who have contributed in the wellbeing of our schools in one way or the other, as well as teachers and technocrats, who have distinguished themselves in their chosen careers and in their communities.

The award has been divided into two major categories. The first category is going to be an annual event, with award recipients, drawn from individuals who have excelled in tangible areas like, community development, leadership, arts & culture, business & entreprise, agriculture, among others. The second category of awards which is designed to be a  quarterly event and in which awards are given to those who have made contributions in non-tangible sectors like service industries, academia, students, teachers and technocrats.

 Another interesting part is that the Illustrious Award ceremony will be holding at different cities across Africa, Dubai, United States and the United Kingdom. 

As should be expected, the award will also record the presence of key players in virtually all sectors of the economy, as it further promises greater expectations.

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