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My Reflection On Governor Obiano’s Performance In Nnewi. By Amala Ken Anazodo

My Reflection on Governor Obiano’s Performance in Nnewi. By Amala Ken Anazodo

For almost four years now, I have been serving the most enterprising people of Nnewi, in Anambra State House of Assembly. Over these years, I have worked with my party APGA and the Governor of Anambra state; Chief Willie M. Obiano. I have also served my people most sincerely to the best of my ability. As the clock ticks even faster and as I near my exit from the State Assembly, I am convinced that it will be a disservice to myself, my party, the government of Anambra State and the great people of Nnewi, if I keep my peace over the common narrative that the state government has failed Nnewi. For in truth, APGA and Anambra State government under the leadership of Chief Willie Obiano, has not failed Nnewi. Although I respect the opinion easily and readily advanced by many of my constituents to the contrary, but when subjected to critical evaluation, one sees that as a matter of fact, Governor Obiano has done well for Nnewi in all fronts, in line with the policy thrusts of his 5 years old administration. Let us now proceed to look at what Nnewi and indeed, Anambra has gained through the leadership of Governor Obiano for 5 years now.

Hon. Amala Anazodo

Infrastructure: In the last five years, Anambra state has witnessed steady improvement on infrastructure, ranging from road construction, rehabilitation and maintenance, among other infrastructure development. Nnewi is not left out of the governor’s efforts to put Anambra roads in good shape. Under governor Obiano, the following roads have been awarded and constructed in Nnewi;

i. Coscharis Road Umudim Nnewi- Before Governor Obiano’s administration, this road was in bad shape, down to Akammili Umudim. It was, especially during raining season, impassable. The administration of Chief Willie Obiano awarded and constructed it down to Akammili as well as constructed adjourning roads down Akammili. The road is of good standard with solid dual drainage system on both sides.

ii. Construction of the Okwenu road connecting Umudimnkwa-Bishop Uzodike Seminary and Okpunoeze Uruagu Nnewi. This road was awarded and neatly completed on record time, with standard gutters on both sides.

iii. Award and ongoing construction of the link road from Umudimnkwa to Eme Court Road. The drainage systems are completed but the road has not be asphalted.

iv. Award, construction and completion of the link road from Eme Court to Coscharis Bus stop, with dual drainage, on both sides.

V. Maintenance of Odumegwu Ojukwu Road, from traffic light junction, which was before now, in a terrible state.

Vi. Award and ongoing construction of the Nnewi Hotel Road. This road would have since been completed but for technical reasons that needs to be resolved to ensure the road’s durability.

Vii. Construction of the Okofia road, linking it to Utuh. Clean and smooth road with ongoing construction of other linkages around the school area and Okofia community.

Viii. Rehabilitation of the Igwe Orizu to Amichi road.

iX. Heavy work on erosion control is ongoing in Nnewichi, courtesy of NEWMAP in collaboration with Anambra State Government, under Governor Obiano.

X. Construction of Umuenem road, Otolo Nnewi, linking to Awka-Etiti.

These roads can be verified to ascertain the work and when it was done, as they are all in Nnewi.

The operation light up Anambra is a campaign of the Chief Obiano led Government, in line with the determination of his government to ensure security at night as well as restore night life in Anambra state. You will agree with me that street light indeed, reduces the rate of crime and also increases night life which affects productivity and business, positively. I have gone out around mid night from my house and at roundabout; you can still see some business activities going on. In fact, people were still relaxed at a popular joint; Train Station, near roundabout. Without the street lights blazing all over that road till roundabout, I seriously doubt anybody would want to remain outside at that time of the night in Nnewi. In essence, Nnewi is not left out of the operation light up Anambra. We have street lights from Traffic light junction towards Ozubulu  and towards roundabout. Then from the same spot stretching to Igwe’s Palace and down to Amichi. From roundabout to Nnobi. From roundabout to Igwe Orizu road to Eke Amaobi. Just last week, another set was commissioned by the governor. In operation light up Anambra which is a state wide project of the government, Nnewi is not left out or in any way shortchanged.

The Choose Your Community Project Initiative is a project of the Willie Obiano administration in which money is disbursed to communities, for a project they consider most important to them. The disbursement is made in tranche for effective monitoring and compliance. Recently, the government announced its plans to commence the third phase of that project. Nnewi was not left out in the two phases of this community development effort, by the government.

Awka, Onitsha and Nnewi enjoy the same status in recognition, planning and other considerations. This is given the relative comparable level of urbanization and commercial activities in these cities. However, while Okada and in fact use of motorcycle has been banned in Awka and Onitsha, it was not banned in Nnewi in consideration of the peculiarity of Nnewi, in that motorcycle is the major means of movement in Nnewi.


The amazing improvement in power supply in Nnewi and across Anambra state, is not accidental. The state government made sufficient investment in the power sector that has now resulted in relative stable power supply. Around my community in Nnewi, we have well over 20 hours power supply, daily and this has been like that for over 5 months now.

When we look at it deeply, we will clearly see that it is not correct to say that the government of Anambra state under Willie Obiano has abandoned Nnewi. In the state cabinet, Nnewi has a Commissioner and Special Advisers. Nnewi also has a fair share of SSAs and SAs in excess of 15 Nnewi sons and daughters, in Governor Obiano’s government.

I understand that some roads like St. Mary’s to Akaboezem to Oraifite road, needs to be constructed. But we also need to appreciate the fact that there are other communities that also need government attention across Anambra state. While we protest against restriction of bikes at night in Nnewi, in Awka and Onitsha, bikes do not move at any time; day or night. Now, I am looking at these issues as an ordinary citizen, from Nnewi, in fairness. What I am saying is that when we look at these issues, we will see that without prejudice, the government of Chief Willie Obiano has treated Nnewi fairly, as he has not denied us our rights or due place in the government.

It is therefore my humble submission that we evaluate Chief Obiano’s government vis a vis the place of Nnewi, with absolute recourse to facts.

There is no doubt that we want more, everybody wants more but clearly, the government is doing the best it can, with the scarce resources available.

Ndi Nnewi umunne m, let us not join issues beyond facts. Anambra state government under Willie Obiano, is working for us.

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