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Ozubulu Church Attack: How Great Chinedu Akpunonu Was Discharged And Acquitted By Court

Ozubulu Church Attack: How Great Chinedu Akpunonu Was Discharged and Acquitted by Court

The Ozubulu Church killing which took place almost two years ago, has formally be laid to rest with the accused persons; Mr. Great Chinedu Akpunonu and others, set free by the court, after the state failed to prove any case against them. The Presiding Judge of the Nnewi High Court; Justice F. I. Aniukwu, delivering his judgment, faulted the various accounts and evidences given by over 15 witnesses lined up, to testify against the accused and finally discharged and acquitted them. Most of the accounts given by the witnesses were found to be inconsistent, illogical or mere hearsay and therefore inadmissible.

Given the outcry and attention the Ozubulu Church massacre generated, and our interest in seeing that justice is done, our correspondent obtained a copy of the judgment delivered by the Hon. Justice Aniukwu, at the Nnewi High Court. The 37 page judgment was detailed and left no stone unturned. For the innocent who were accused;  Chinedu Akpunonu and others, members of their family, friends, well wishers and all lovers of justice, justice has been done.

Here is the certified true copy of the judgment delivered by Justice Aniukwu on the 12th of April, 2019, exclusively obtained by Kaluza.


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