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Re: Obiano Is This Fair? The Latest Law Passed In Anambra Is Going Affect A Lot Of People! By Ebuka Onyekwelu

Re: Obiano is this Fair? The Latest Law Passed in Anambra is Going Affect a lot of People! By Ebuka Onyekwelu

My rebuttal By Ebuka Onyekwelu

When I read a disjointed piece on Opera news by the above title, through this link;, I was taken aback. At once I realized how poverty of knowledge of governmental process has imposed so many misconceptions, falsehood and blatant blissful ignorance, on very many unsuspecting people.

Now, a basic knowledge of governance in a federal democratic setting like ours, reveals the simple, crystal clear difference between the Executive and Legislature. Again, one need not be a Political Scientist or a Lawyer, to see the obvious difference between the two arms of government. I have skipped the third arm; Judiciary because it has nothing to do with the case in point.

In Anambra state, under the current Anambra government, Governor Obiano is the leader of the State. But Rt. Hon. Rita Maduagwu is the leader of the Legislature, that is to say; Anambra State House of Assemly. While it is the duty of the Executive led by Governor Obiano to implement/execute laws, policies and programmes of the government, among others, it is the duty of the Anambra State House of Assembly to make laws and pass same. It must be observed that the House works as a group. Therefore if the House wants any law passed, even the Speaker cannot stop it as she does not even have voting right at plenary.

Governor Willie Obiano

It smacks of mischievousness, jungle journalism and a touch of ignorance, to mention Governor Obiano while faulting a law passed by Anambra State House of Assembly. The bill in question titled a Bill for a Law to Control Burial/Funeral Ceremonial Activities in Anambra State and to Provide for Related Purposes 2016, was sponsored by Hon. Charles Chukwuma Ezeani of Anaocha 11 State Constituency and passed by the Assembly just last week after the due process of lawmaking has been fully observed. Those who feel bad towards it should notify the Assembly formally and not try to drag the Governor or any other person, into their malicious publications.

Governor Obiano is not a member of Anambra State House of Assembly and has no hand in the bill whatsoever, as the bill was a private member bill which has now been passed into law. This is to say that the bill which was passed was initiated and sponsored by a member of the House. In keeping with its obligation to the people of Anambra state, the House has deliberated on the bill and after it went through the processes of becoming a law, it was passed into law. Now awaiting the Governor’s assent.

Both merits and demerits of the law may be contestable depending on many factors which are largely subjective and therefore it is expected that the law will continue to generate debates on both sides. However, let us all do well to stay with facts in our reportage, debate and deliberations.

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