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Real Reasons Peter Obi May Not Fly

Real Reasons Peter Obi May not Fly

Real Reasons Peter Obi May not Fly


By Ebuka Onyekwelu


Former Anambra State governor, Peter Obi is unarguably one of the most qualified and prepared to govern Nigeria in a way many times better than it is currently governed. There is little doubt that Peter Obi as Nigeria’s president will at least place the country on the path of sustainable progress that will eventually meet the aspirations of Nigerians. But as the 2023 General Election draws closer, it is becoming more difficult to see just how, giving the stack political reality in the PDP; it is easy, predictable or even possible for Peter Obi to emerge the candidate of PDP, from where he can launch the possibility of winning the election proper. The unfortunate aspect of these realities is that they are not exactly systemic, but even when they are, power demands that one gets in and then changes the system from within.

First, the argument that it is the turn of Southeast or more precise, the Igbo to produce the next president of Nigeria is, as a matter of fact faultless; such that it is no longer debated if Igbo man should be supported to be president. But in reality, serious power seekers do not wait for power to be handed to them. A close observation of the clamour for Nigeria’s president of Igbo extraction would show that apparently, given the level of general acceptability of that fact, some major political players of Igbo origin had assumed that major party tickets would be handed to them. A case in point is Sen. Orji Uzor Kalu, who reportedly has withdrawn from the Presidential race. Unfortunately, this same thinking might be behind Peter Obi’s aspiration and that remains a major challenge.

Peter Obi had at least four years to prepare and position himself for a serious presidential contest, but he kept denying any interest until about two months ago. The only explanation to this, is that Obi might have assumed that he would be called or recommended to be given the PDP ticket. However, truth is, nobody will be asked to come and take ticket in a major political party for contest an important national election in Nigeria, as it is presently constituted. Peter Obi’s fundamental error remains the long time he wasted perhaps scheming for Vice President’s slot which in any case is a strategic option in realizing Nigeria’s president of Igbo extraction. But that by far, is not a suitable option at the moment, given clear realities. Therefore, Obi would have taken the bull by the horn from the onset and run his race. Today, he is struggling to make up for the long lost time, worst still, he is running against the arrowheads of PDP’s establishment.

More so, Peter Obi it appears is not an excellent politician, at least not an excellent national politician. Recently, Wike’s consultative visit with Anambra state PDP delegates went viral and during the visit, Anambra PDP was practically happy with Wike when he advised that they should not waste their votes on Peter Obi because Obi will not win. The subtle approval to Wike’s audacious, yet unchallenged speech, is shocking. Simply put, that is a direct verdict that Obi does not have the support of his own Anambra state PDP delegates. Add to it that the two PDP governors in the Southeast are reported to be supporting Wike, instead of Peter Obi. Why is Peter Obi unable to speak to the interests of the people that matter in his presidential quest, so that they can work with him? Only recently, he was quoted to have said that he would not give delegates money.  Many people who understand the system laughed. Anybody who is conversant with the intricacies of Nigerian democracy knows that no serious politician will say a thing like that in an election he is keenly contesting.

Obi’s insistence on deriving inspiration solely from personal experience during his time in government, is not an effective party campaign for party ticket; It is Just unsuitable for his presidential ambition. Obi’s presidential campaign should be about people, not about him. In fact, his singular focus on himself and what he did leaves him hanging as a lone player. To win intra or inter party political contest, one must be big on team playing.



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