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Seven Reasons Why Sen. Dino’s Arrest Is Politically Motivated

Seven Reasons Why Sen. Dino’s Arrest is Politically Motivated

The Nigerian Police said Sen. Dino was wanted for his alleged culpability over the shooting of a police Sergeant in Kogi state. They said the alleged shooters are thugs loyal to Sen. Dino, perhaps instructed by him to do so.

  1. What point was the Police trying to make when they mobilized over 50 armed men and officers and stationed them in and around Sen. Dino Melaye’s house? Sen. Dino is a Nigerian lawmaker and one who cannot escape arrest or evade arrest. Why did the police dramatized it? What is the implication of this on the image of the country, is there no better way to arrest a suspect?
  2. This incidence happened in July, 2018. Why did it take the Police over 6 months to want to interrogate a principal suspect over a crime and one who is not in hiding or unknown?
  3. What evidence does the police have to show Sen. Dino’s culpability?
  4. How many of those thugs have been arrested and interrogated?
  5. Sen. Dino is in PDP and the candidate of his party in the Kogi West senatorial race as well as a principal member of the PDP presidential campaign team. With the General Elections merely about a month away, how will the police and the government inspire confidence that Sen. Dino’s arrest is genuinely in the interest of justice?
  6.  Is it out of place to say that this is an indirect assault, an attempt to silence the opposition party in Nigerian democracy, considering that Sen. Dino has been a major critic of the APC led federal government?
  7. Why is the police particular and desperate about this case, is this their approach to any case of attempted homicide across the country?

Sen. Dino Melaye being dragged on the floor by the Police

Those are the questions begging for answers. Are the Police really interested in getting to the truth surrounding the  case or merely using the unfortunate situation for political gains?

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