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Tips For A Successful Year 2019

Tips for a Successful Year 2019

Many offices in Nigeria are officially commencing their business activities for the year, today Monday, 7th January 2019. In other words, many people are starting off the new year today.

So here are seven tips that can  help you succeed this year;

1. Be positive. This might look like the usual motivational talk but seriously, it is a fact that our thought shape our lives. So what do you want? Success? Think about it and believe you can have it.

2. Have a target that is time bound. When you have big goals, you can break them down and follow through in bits. Just make sure you are moving towards the direction of your target.

3. Learn something new. Anything new that is of interest to you is worth learning. It will help to make you a better person.

4. Search for more sources of income. Many people don’t give attention to this. If you think critically, you will see that you can actually work at another job.

5. Write down your targets/plans. It is important that you keep record of your plans and progress. It is a way of being accountable to yourself.

6. Start saving NOW. Don’t wait. Start NOW. Unfortunately, many people don’t take savings seriously till there is a need in view, for them to solve. You must start saving immediately.

7. Read. Read anything. Just read. Reading enriches the quality of your mind. You have to deliberately improve the quality of your contributions and the value you add, through reading.

You have to be deliberate about the quality of life you think you deserve or desire to live in year 2019. Be in charge, never leave life choices to chance.

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