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West African ISIS Reportedly Takes Over Large  Sections Of Nigerian Territory

West African ISIS Reportedly Takes Over Large Sections of Nigerian Territory

The West African branch of the Islamic State, according to recent report, has taken over large portions of land in Nigeria. Claiming territory within the Nigerian territory in the North Eastern parts of the country.

ISIS West Africa

A recent report by the US army to the US Senate Committee, revealed that the situation is dire and desperate as the terrorist group has captured large sections of Nigerian land in the North East where the Nigerian Boko Haram terrorist group have been operating for over 7 years now. Recall that only about a year ago, ISIS announced it has integrated Boko Haram into its operations and will be working with the Nigerian group, offering support, finance, etc, in establishing its mandate through Boko Haram, in West Africa. Some terrorists activities in North East Nigeria, has seen West Africa ISIS taken responsibility for them.

According to the report presented yesterday, to the US Senate by Gen. Waldhauser; Commander of Pentagon’s African Command, the Islamic State West Africa, Islamist group has well between 3,000 to 4,000 members in addition to the fact that they have captured large sections of Nigerian territory. Further hearing revealed that the focus of the US army at the moment is geared towards ensuring that Africa does not become a failed continent, considering the wave of violent Islamist movement in across the continent, particularly around the Sahel region.

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