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Political Consulting

We have been an integral part of Nigerian elections since 2003 General Elections. Since then, the Nigerian political system has continued to evolve with electoral reforms and court decisions which form the main fabric of the systemic changes so far, with regards to General Elections in Nigeria. However, popularization of new media has become a major, radically disruptive factor, in Nigerian elections, since 2011. At least, most people get their political education, update and information, from social media, therefore developing political consciousness which increases chances of real participation in the electoral process.

Generally, winning an election has become more demanding, all over the world, due partly to the influence of social media and the growing political consciousness, largely creditable to the growth and spread of new media. People are becoming more conscious and have more stake in the electoral process now, than before.

We can help you win election. Our team of seasoned and experienced political strategists will assist you to win your election.

We help with political research of any type.

We also help you lobby anyone!


It is said; perception is everything. Well, for us, what you do does not necessarily define you, what people think you do, is what defines you and your brand. This precisely, is why perception not reality, is everything.

In very simple terms, what ever great, unrivaled product/services you render means nothing to your market, except you have skillfully convinced them to perceive it as such. Untill then, you are what your business rival said, or what a stranger said. You are anything, but what you actually are or do.

We will help amplify your brand to reflect your exact image, in public domain.
We also know just how to walk your brand into the warming heart of your market.


We help private and public, profit and non-profit organisations to train their workers and leaders. Workforce training is a major determinant of improved output, in quantity and quality. Organisations who are ahead of others are so, because of their human capital advantage over the others. We believe that no firm can transcend the quality of its staff members in output, because, one cannot give what he does not have.

What training does to your workforce is that it introduces them to innovative ways of attaining the goals of your organisation. It also exposes them to best practices as against dogma, which slows down work pace and reduces productivity because of monotony.

We can state with certitude that organisations grow at remarkable speed, saves appreciable cost as well as motivate workforce, to be at their possible best with training. As an employer, a regular; at least per annum tailored training for your staff, is in your best interest.

Content Development/Management

We also help you meet the demands of generic and non-generic contents for your website, blog, social media platforms, etc.
Having the right content on your website, blog and social media outlets, is a top priority, to reach your target.
It is generally accepted that the quality of your content is comparable to your readership base and credibility perception. What this means is that with better content, you can actually do better.

Let Kaluza development and manage the content needs of your brand, that fits perfectly, into the expectations of your target.

Strategic Communication/ Event Planning

Kaluza is here to assist you plan your cause of action and direction. Most times, the difference between right and wrong, is timing. Kaluza goes with you all the way, through and through, to ensure masterful planning and artful implementation.

We are here to help you with all the communication demands on you. Better to keep silent than talk and be misconstrued. But why keep silent when you can talk and achieve the desired end result?

You have a conference speech? A remark at an event? A public speaking engagement? An address?
Just talk to us. We know what you should say.


We facilitate and manage government and non-government contracts; particularly in the areas of capacity building, human capital development, advocacy, public enlightenment, public infrastructure, public-private partnership, etc.

Events Organizing/Planning

Kaluza has a subsidiary brand that focuses on event organizing, planning and management. The idea behind this is to help intending couples have a very modest, still classy marriage/wedding, at a very affordable rate. We pride ourselves in doing more with less!
We have simply figured out how to eliminate waste. Speeding more is not proportional to having a quality and classy event.

With our event organizing, planning and management, you are sure to have the best and most memorable event, at an unbelievable cost.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by writers and shared on our blog, does not necessarily reflect that of Kaluza. We don’t necessarily agree with the views/opinion shared on our blog.

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