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WHO Recognizes Top 30 Medical Innovations In Africa For 2019

WHO Recognizes Top 30 Medical Innovations in Africa for 2019

The World Health Organization-WHO, has recognized a total of 30 health innovations from across Africa. All the 30 medical innovations recognized are medical innovations by Africans. This recognition was announced during the WHO 2019 Africa Health Forum.

In all, about 2,300 African medical innovators  applied for the 2019 edition to be selected by WHO. However, only 30 applicants who passed the airtight tests and evaluations, were selected for the top 30, 2019 WHO African Health innovations in Africa.
One of the winners; Onu Charles a Nigerian, who was recognized by the Harvard Global Health Institute, Harvard University, for his artificial intelligence- AI-based Healthcare innovation for children with asphyxia. This innovation uses artificial intelligence to diagnose illness in medical emergences with no medical specialist on sight.
Onu Charles studied Electronics and Computer Engineering, at the Federal University of Technology Owerri, after which he moved to Canada to pursue his postgraduate studies and he is currently a PhD candidate in Computer Science at McGill University, Canada and also the CEO of Ubenwa Intelligence Solutions Inc.

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